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120 Hottest Research Paper Topics Matching Your Interests

You’d surely love your research projects more if research paper topics were more interesting. Just imagine doing research with a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eyes.

The good news is that it’s now possible.

Get inspired by simply choosing an exciting term paper topic from the list below. Pick something you really care about:

Languages Research Paper Topics

  1. Gender differences in language
  2. The tip of the tongue phenomenon (TOT)
  3. Animal communication: do dolphins have a language?
  4. Language differences and similarities in twins
  5. Language acquisition in isolated children
  6. What mechanism reduces stuttering while singing?

Business Research Paper Topics

  1. The reasons why sweatshops are ineffective
  2. The glass ceiling in the workplace and minds
  3. Multiculturalism is necessary for workplace creativity.
  4. Do employees work harder if they get higher salaries?
  5. Word of mouth as the best form of advertising
  6. Does social media at work improve or kill productivity?

Finance Research Paper Topics

  1. Obstacles to growth for small and medium enterprises in Egypt
  2. Capital immobility in India: causes and effects
  3. Main pros and cons of business cycle synchronization
  4. The effects of a budget deficit on interest rates
  5. Causes and determinants of inflation in India
  6. The global effects of Chinese trade revenues

Management Research Paper Topics

  1. Objective reasons why management by walking around is ineffective
  2. Can Steve Jobs’ lessons be useful for all managers?
  3. Should managers work in the same room as staff?
  4. Does leadership mean more responsibility or more freedom?
  5. Team work vs. individual responsibility
  6. “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” Is this true for managers?

Marketing and Advertising Research Paper Topics

  1. Should governments set limits on the number of street ads?
  2. Can cold calls be effective in the modern world?
  3. Storytelling lessons from Coca-Cola ads
  4. Can discounts be effective in a world where 50% off has become the norm?
  5. How do certain ads perpetuate gender stereotypes?
  6. Is the use of sexual imagery in ads unethical?

Literature Research Paper Topics

  1. Is William Shakespeare really the author of the works attributed to him?
  2. Ernest Hemingway: was there any sense in writing 47 endings for A Farewell to Arms before choosing the final variant?
  3. Can the main idea of Romeo and Juliet be bad for youth?
  4. The mechanisms through which reading teaches empathy
  5. Antigone as an early feminist play
  6. Anorexia and Eve’s sin: the cultural myth in the biblical text

Education Research Paper Topics

  1. Are historically black universities more effective for African American students?
  2. Dual language programs vs. immersion programs
  3. Parents’ role in their children’s literacy
  4. Bullying and self-esteem problems
  5. The phenomenon of indigo children: nature vs. nurture
  6. The effects of behavior on grades and vice versa

Law Research Paper Topics

  1. Women, family, and gender in Islamic law: changes in the 21st century
  2. Ridiculous laws in the US: in Missouri, it’s illegal to drive with an uncaged bear.
  3. Juvenile arrest: should parents be responsible for their kids’ crimes?
  4. Should citizens have the right to change their names?
  5. Should civil unions (same-sex and hetero) have the same rights as married couples?
  6. Is it fair for celebrity divorces to divide property acquired during marriage?

History Research Paper Topics

  1. Conspiracy theories: could Hitler have actually saved the world from Stalin?
  2. The economic effects of the opium wars on China
  3. Is there any moral justification for the Vietnam War?
  4. The reasons for Holocaust denial theories
  5. Why didn’t people believe Nikola Tesla’s discoveries?
  6. Slavery as only one of the reasons for the Civil War

Nursing and Health-Related Research Paper Topics

  1. The barriers to breast self-examination in different age categories
  2. The influence of family relations on a teen’s awareness of venereal diseases
  3. Family income and incidences of childhood obesity
  4. Exercise and sleep deprivation in women
  5. Stress coping strategies in rural teen mothers
  6. First contact between mothers and newborns

Sociology Research Paper Topics

  1. Africa should allow free labor movement across its territory.
  2. Parents shouldn’t have the right to monitor their kids’ online and mobile communications.
  3. Couples should have the right to choose the sex of their children.
  4. Gene patents should be legalized.
  5. Is shopping a traditional American cultural value?
  6. All illegal immigrants should be granted amnesty.

Sports Research Paper Topics

  1. Should some performance-enhancing drugs, such as creatine, be allowed?
  2. How did the increase in ticket prices affect professional sports?
  3. Do teams with potentially offensive names have to change them (for instance, the Washington Redskins or the Cleveland Indians)?
  4. Are crowd-pleasing activities bad for professional sporting events?
  5. Are celebrity athletes responsible for being role models to youths?
  6. Should professional tennis players use only personalized rackets?

Art Research Paper Topics

  1. Freudian interpretation applied to the Black Square by Malevich
  2. Giorgione and the High Renaissance in Venice
  3. Is digital photography an art form?
  4. Leonardo da Vinci’s influence on modern art
  5. Visual art as a cure
  6. The effects of the digital age on art

Music Research Paper Topics

  1. Can listening to Mozart make someone smarter?
  2. Can hard rock have a negative influence on listeners’ sleep patterns?
  3. The role of sound tracks in viewers’ perception of thriller movies
  4. The evidence that there was music in the ancient Near East
  5. Female composers: Barbara Strozzi and Francesca Caccini
  6. The attitudes of churches towards music

Nutrition Research Paper Topics

  1. The effects of phytochemicals on teenage girls’ self-perception
  2. Can soy be used to fully replace meat?
  3. Is eating fast food better than skipping meals?
  4. Is vegetarian eating related to health and longevity?
  5. The rational basis for religious eating principles (for example, Muslims not eating pork)
  6. Can eating disorders (such as anorexia and bulimia) be explained by the advent of television?

Philosophy Research Paper Topics

  1. Are the soul and the inner voice different things?
  2. Is anything in the world inherently evil?
  3. How can caring too much lead to unhappiness?
  4. How do thoughts distort reality?
  5. Feminist responses to Freudian philosophy
  6. Can the principle of Occam’s razor explain personal relationship aspects?

Psychology Research Paper Topics

  1. The “husband at home” syndrome as depression in Japanese women whose husbands have retired
  2. Can a person’s temperament change over the course of time?
  3. The difficulties of being an introvert in an extrovert-centric society
  4. Should people try to fight gender roles and stereotypes?
  5. The psychological basis of physical attraction
  6. The links between social media abuse and depression

Environment and Science Research Paper Topics

  1. The current status and potential of solar energy research
  2. The impact of coal-burning plants on the environment
  3. Bicycle use as a way to reduce air pollution
  4. Lake shore development consequences
  5. The pros and cons of the cultivation of genetically modified crops
  6. Solid waste management in developing countries

Culture Research Paper Topics

  1. Alcoholics Anonymous as a part of American culture: is it effective?
  2. Due to China’s cultural preference for boys, there’s a shortage of marriage-aged girls. How does China cope with it?
  3. The role of technology in modern worship practices
  4. The reasons for the growing popularity of anime
  5. Is the culture of fast food eating fueled by advertising campaigns?
  6. How is polyamory currently practiced in the United States?

Computer Science Research Paper Topics

  1. The best applications of algorithmic game theory
  2. Cybersecurity issues as an opportunity of employment
  3. The history of the first antivirus software
  4. The advantages of object-oriented coding
  5. The prevention of SQL injection attacks
  6. User barriers to adopting cloud-based storage principles

Did you find some interesting research paper topics for your project? Make sure to review a couple of term paper examples before you start working on your paper.

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