55 Descriptive Essay Topics to Boost Your Creativity

Descriptive writing is all about showing, not telling. Focus on colors, textures, fragrances and anything that can help create a vivid picture. Share your impressions. How did you feel? Can you compare your descriptive essay topic with something?

Numerous adjectives, adverbs, epithets, comparisons and other language means are the best tools for descriptive papers.

If you’re wondering what makes good descriptive writing, check the following sample. Here’s how the same topic “A spring sunny day” looks in descriptive and narrative modes:

Descriptive writing (showing)Narrative writing (telling)
A pleasant warm wind is gently caressing my face and blowing my hair around. The plashes of sunlight are dancing on the quick river, making me narrow my eyes. I slow down to enjoy the view of small houses sleeping in a morning haze, with their red roofs and neat lawns…Bright sunlight wakes me up some ten minutes before my alarm clock rings. I don’t get irritated, as now I have some time to spend in a warm comfy bed, thinking of a day that waits me. Filled with energy after a healthy breakfast, I rush into the street and breathe in some fresh spring air…

🔥15 Best Descriptive Essay Topics

  1. The design of my dream home.
  2. My favorite car.
  3. The most exciting cruise.
  4. Swiss meadows and their beauty.
  5. Mountaineering in Norway.
  6. My childhood hobbies.
  7. The image of my ideal city.
  8. Imagine Dragons concert I was at.
  9. Museum of Antiquity.
  10. Favorite movie of my childhood.
  11. Performance in front of a crowd.
  12. A teddy bear.
  13. Favorite hobby.
  14. Studying at Harvard.
  15. My first hang gliding.

Easy Descriptive Essay Topics

And of course, you’ll need a juicy descriptive essay topic, like this:

  1. a winter morning;
  2. a view from your window;
  3. your granny;
  4. your favorite shoes;
  5. your perfect birthday;
  6. camp fire;
  7. a concert;
  8. a visit to a supermarket;
  9. your dentist;
  10. a rainy day.
descriptive essay topics

Ideas for Descriptive Essay Topics

  1. your earliest memory;
  2. first date;
  3. best friend;
  4. favorite dish;
  5. sunrise;
  6. moonlight on a river;
  7. Christmas tree;
  8. Christmas morning;
  9. theatre performance;

Descriptive Essay Topics List

  1. first time in a new city;
  2. getting lost in a forest;
  3. seasonal sale;
  4. pot flowers;
  5. trees in blossom;
  6. thunderstorm;
  7. rainbow;
  8. a picnic;
  9. view from a mountain peak;
  10. skyscraper.
Topics For Descriptive Essays

Descriptive Essay Topics for ESL students

  1. A dorm room;
  2. a trip by plane;
  3. tasting new food;
  4. baseball match;
  5. the Statue of Liberty;
  6. homesickness;
  7. roommate;
  8. morning before an exam;
  9. your pet;
  10. your best selfie.