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    Your teacher assigned you a paper. Now, you need a topic. But how do you choose one?

    We know how tough the decision can be sometimes. The good news is: our free writing topic generator is here to help. With little effort, you’ll get multiple clever ideas.

    This article will:

    • Show alternative options of using our tool.
    • Provide strategies for writing fantastic titles.
    • Give you tips on how to format them correctly.
    • Answer some frequently asked questions.

    ☑️ Essay Title Generator: How to Use It?

    Follow these instructions for our free online tool, and you’ll instantly come up with great topic suggestions:

    1. Type in the keyword you’re looking for. It can be anything, from “friendship” to “history”.
    2. Click Search Topics. The generator will suggest several options.
    3. Haven't found anything fitting? Click the button View More to get additional topic variants.

    Keep in mind that you need to use proper keywords for the best result. These are your topic’s central concepts. Use these strategies to find them:

    • Pinpoint a handful of words that describe your paper's general theme.
    • Identify synonyms or related terms.
    • Check scientific articles related to your general theme. Add keywords that other authors provide in their works to your list.

    Let’s say you want to analyze how racism in American education affects student performance. Possible keywords could be racism, education, stereotypes, and academic achievements.

    But what if you don't know what to write about? Try entering any keyword to generate random topics. That’ll certainly kickstart your creativity.

    🆗 4 Benefits of This Essay Title Generator

    💰 Free No need to pay anything
    🔰 Easy to use Intuitive interface
    📝 Universal All paper genres
    🗒 Convenient Topics are easy to copy

    👍 Essay Title Generator => What You Can Do With It

    The topic picker is an efficient online tool to find great ideas for your assignments. Besides, if you use it, you can invest more time in your research.

    The tool can help you in many ways. For example, you can use it:

    • To generate exciting topics for speeches.
    • To find random topics for the brainstorming session. Just type in anything that interests you and let the generator do the work.
    • To generate research questions. It's especially important for larger academic works, such as a Ph.D. thesis.
    • To create story ideas. It also includes themes for poems, songs, and other creative writing tasks.

    Try it out and see for yourself!

    💡 Coming Up With a Good Essay Title

    Have you ever gotten stuck finding a title for an essay? Here is how to avoid this issue.

    The first step is picking a topic. Think of the five W-questions:

    • What are your topic’s key concepts?
    • Where is it relevant: on a local level or internationally?
    • When did it have the most relevance: now or in the past?
    • Why do you like this topic? What’s your position on it?
    • Whom does it impact?

    Now, let's get to crafting a title out of your general theme.

    ✍️ Types of Research Paper and Essay Titles

    Once you know your topic, you can develop a working title to guide your research. Use the online generator to create essay title ideas. From there, refine it until it fits your needs perfectly.

    There are two ways to formulate a heading:

    • Single-part titles contain only one phrase. It should be catchy, but not too short. These types of headings are perfect for comparison or how-to essays.

      Example: How to Get Famous on Social Media without Revealing Too Much about Your Life.
    • Two-part titles have, you guessed it, two components: the title and a subtitle after the colon. They work best with research papers as well as narrative and reflective essays. Persuasive and argumentative essay titles also benefit from a subtitle.

      Example: Why We Should Abolish the Death Penalty: Answers from Quantitative Research.

    It's the groundwork you need for your paper. But how do you make it sound great? Read on and find it out.

    📝 Perfect Essay Title Strategies

    When looking for the perfect title, pay attention to the following aspects:

    1. Humor: Playing with words can be a good way to lighten up your title. Keep in mind that the heading sets the tone for your essay. If it’s too funny, your readers might question the authority of your research.

      Example: To Bee or Not to Bee: Pros and Cons of Starting Beekeeping in College.
    2. Catchiness: Using well-known quotes is another way to hook your reader.

      Example: A Woman's Place: How the 2020 Pandemic Reinforced Gender Stereotypes.
    3. You can hint at or repurpose your hypothesis as a title. This way, your audience immediately knows what to expect from your essay.

      Example: Improv Classes Are Great for Your Career because They Teach You How to React Spontaneously.

    Do you need a little starting help? Let the essay title generator inspire you.

    🖥️ Formatting the Essay Title: APA, MLA, Chicago Style

    Like the rest of your essay, the headline follows specific formatting guidelines. Let’s have a closer look at the requirements of each style:

    • APA most notably requires a cover page. The boldface title is centered in the page’s upper half. Reserve lowercase only for words with three letters or less.

      Example: Characteristics of Political Science Research in the 1800s.
    • In MLA, your title belongs in the center of the first page. Capitalize all principal words and don't use bold typeface.

      Example: Tell Me Something about Yourself: How to Survive a Job Interview Gracefully.
    • Chicago Style is similar to MLA in terms of capitalization. You can choose to put your title on an extra page or the first one.

      Example: The Wrath of Technology: How the Rise of the Internet Has Negatively Impacted Our Mood.

    Keep in mind that all styles require capitalization of the first and last word. It includes the first word after a colon.

    We hope the topic generator was helpful to you. You're always welcome to use it whenever you need it!

    ❓ Research Title Generator FAQs

    📍 How do you pick title an essay?
    Check out these strategies to make a catchy title:
    • Briefly restate your thesis.
    • Add originality by referring to famous quotes.
    • Use a subtitle to make it more informative.
    📍 How do you make a title for a research paper?
    When writing a research paper title, it’s best to start with a research question. You can use our tool to generate it. If necessary, make it two-part by adding a subtitle.
    📍 How do you come up with a title for a story?
    Titles for stories can be based on the plot or character names. Besides, it can mention where or when the events take place. A title would be more memorable if you keep it short.


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