350+ Thought-Provoking Argumentative Essay Topics [2024]

350+ Thought-Provoking Argumentative Essay Topics [2024]

An argumentative essay is a genre students get familiar with, usually in middle or high school. As they enter university, it becomes an integral part of their study routine. Why is writing this kind of text particularly beneficial? Argumentative essays help students develop cognitive skills, such as critical thinking. That’s why it’s a common assignment regardless of your major. Discussing controversial topics isn’t easy, partly because you often have to use strong arguments to prove your perspective. However, this challenging activity helps students grow and understand the subjects better.

Our team prepared a list of topics for good argumentative essays, which you can use for inspiration when writing yours. The issues cover various fields, including business, politics, sociology, technology, literature, and more. These engaging topics will make your essay stand out of the dozens of hackneyed ones!

πŸŒ‹ 15 Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics in 2024

  1. How helpful are school uniforms?
  2. The effectiveness of animal research
  3. Biofuels in the racing industry.
  4. Why should abortion be banned?
  5. Does religion lead to war?
  6. Alternatives to English in the United States.
  7. Gun control: pros and cons.
  8. Tolerance lessons in schools.
  9. Hunting is cruelty to animals.
  10. Racial quotas in colleges.
  11. Minority interests vs. majority interests.
  12. Should prostitution be legalized?
  13. The dangers of cell phones.
  14. Is corruption out of control?
  15. Should euthanasia be banned?

πŸŽ“ Best Argumentative Topics for College

As you enter university or college, things become much more complicated. Now, you have to pay even more attention to our essay’s format, reference list, and structure. What’s more, the prior research is more thorough and detailed than it was in high school. The evaluation is also stricter, and things like plagiarism are forbidden.

Still, here is some excellent news!

You can discuss more specific and controversial issues. This creates ample space for creativity and self-development. Whatever your major is, you will get to know many new things at university and get deeper into the vast world of the chosen discipline. There is plenty of issues to dwell on! With our list of topics covering various fields, you can find true inspiration to explore new subjects.

πŸ‘” Business Argumentative Essay Topics

Even successful companies have to cope with numerous business issues daily. Without struggle, there is now there is no progress, as one said. A starting out entrepreneur, an employee, or a CEO may deal with similar biases and problems in their practice. An open discussion may help create a better business environment, promoting the company’s growth and development. Let’s see what excellent argumentative business essay topics we prepared for you!

  1. Why is social media necessary for business communication?
  2. Should there be more small entities and fewer monopolies?
  3. Are labor unions still relevant today?
  4. Trust and acceptance are the core principle of effective business management.
  5. Is self-reliance a critical characteristic for a business leader?
  6. Is qualification essential for a business person?
  7. Is digital marketing an effective way to promote your product?
  8. Should the company have a strict hierarchy?
  9. Performance-related pay increases the individual’s motivation.
  10. A good CEO respects their workers and embraces their imperfections.
  11. Starting your own business is not a way to escape from working for somebody.
  12. Do you agree that home businesses are ruining family lives?
  13. Why are product-oriented businesses more successful than market-oriented?
  14. Students should cope with more case studies to acquire more practical skills.
  15. The authoritative approach makes workers fear their boss, and in fear, people can be neither productive nor creative.
  16. Innovation is not the only thing that distinguishes between a leader and a follower.
  17. Your company isn’t a place to show off your power and look down on others.
  18. Never upper your standards to your promises; instead, try to lower your promises to your current criteria.
  19. A great business is one ready to change continually.
  20. You should implement multilevel marketing campaigns to make your company grow on the global platform.
  21. Is self-employment better than working for somebody?
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  1. Is networking the key to success for everyone?
  2. Should young people be capable of assessing the price of their services at the beginning of their career?
  3. Should employees receive an extensive list of fringe benefits?
  4. Why is it essential to find a team you’re happy to work with?
  5. Investing in your employees’ professional growth will benefit your business much more than anything else.
  6. The CEO doesn’t need to know everything about the company’s processes. He should trust the professionals who work for him.
  7. Same as in parenting, overcontrol is a failing strategy for any business owner.
  8. Is social media helping build brands?
  9. Is taking risks inevitable for anyone engaged in business?

πŸ‘© Feminism Argumentative Essay Topics

Although we’re living in a relatively democratic society, there are more gender biases today than we expect. Their results surround us on social media, in daily life, in business, politics, and many other fields. Gender issues reinforce other social problems creating a disastrous mix that can lead to rebellious movements.

We suggest the following topics for you to dwell on such issues as the glass ceiling phenomenon, feminism and women’s rights, abortions, and more.

  1. Why glass ceiling is a phenomenon that needs foremost consideration today?
  2. Should differences between men and women create differences in their rights?
  3. Should education for boys and girls differ?
  4. Should girls and boys be brought up distinctively?
  5. Can radical feminism be dangerous for men’s rights?
  6. Should abortion be banned?
  7. Is stereotyping women’s behavior patterns the same thing as generalizing them?
  8. Are women suffering from being invisible in today’s society?
  9. Is gender transition one of today’s trends?
  10. Does gender diversity benefit society?
  11. Should a newborn be assigned to particular sex?
  12. Should women get an extra vacation during their periods?
  13. Should boys and girls study in different schools?
  14. Should kids be taught how to treat people of the opposite sex?
  15. Will the expanding variety of genders today make the male-female bias less critical?
  16. Is bullying more common among girls than among boys?
  17. Some parents choose not to assign their children to any existing sexes until they grow up and decide independently. What could the consequences of such actions be?
  18. Should feminism be radical?
  19. Why are certain professions considered to be female?
  20. Is gender a social or a biological construct?
  21. Women are better at communicating and collaborating. Is it a stereotype or a fact?
  22. Is the world designed more for men than for women?
  23. What are the most significant achievements of the feminist movement?
  24. Should women be obliged to serve in the army?
  25. Why were women accused of witchcraft in the Middle Age?
  26. Should Women’s Day be an international holiday?
  27. Do you agree that domestic violence is underrated today?
  28. Do you think there were feminist movements during the Ancient era?
  29. Are feminist movements succeeding today?

🏺 Argumentative History Topics

Discussing history was never easyβ€”especially today when we have access to tones of articles, papers and remain misinformed often. Different researches present the same events in distinctive ways so that we can be easily confused. However, analyzing the current all works covering a specific topic and dwelling on the critical issues is crucial for those studying history. It’s essential for understanding past and present events better and predicting possible future events. Below, you can find a list of curios argumentative history topics.

  1. Are civil wars inevitable?
  2. Do you agree that ancient Romans were barbarians for ancient Greeks?
  3. Some Asian countries like ancient China and Japan were even more developed than Ancient Greece. Do you agree with this?
  4. The Middle Ages ruined all the greatest achievements and advancements of classical antiquity.
  5. Was the separation of Eastern and Western Roman Empires inevitable?
  6. Was the Byzantine Empire the most developed region in the Early Middle Ages?
  7. Do you agree that during the Middle Ages, many states were too dependent on the Church?
  8. Renaissance as a rebirth in European civilization.
  9. Was manorialism the substitution of slavery in the High Middle Ages?
  10. With was the plague pandemic in the Late Middle Ages called the Black Death?
  11. Why were the Crusades important for medieval society?
  12. Modern history began when Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492. Do you agree with this?
  13. Was the French Revolution of the 1790s inevitable?
  14. The importance of Lutheranism.
  15. Why is the 15th-17th century called the Age of Discovery?
  16. Why did the Industrial Revolution not start in China?
  17. Which modern Chinese dynasty was the most fruitful in terms of cultural development – Ming or Qing?
  18. Was capitalism born during the early modern era or before?
  19. Why did the Great Divergence, also known as the European Miracle, happen?
  20. Who are the most prominent modernism artists? Why?
  21. Why was Napoleon I defeated in the Battle of Waterloo?
  22. What were the aims of the Revolutions of 1848?
  23. Was the Taiping Rebellion the bloodiest conflict of the 19th century? Why?
  24. Why was colonization important for developed countries during the 19th century?
  25. Do you agree that rising nationalism and national awareness were one of the key causes of WWI?
  26. Why did WWII happen to be more dreadful than WWI?
  27. How did Switzerland manage to remain above WWI and WWII?
  28. Did civil movements in 20th-century Europe have positive effects on resolving political issues in the region?
  29. Why are populists becoming popular in recent years?
  30. Do you agree that globalization made us more accessible?
  31. What were the main challenges of the 2000s-2010s?

πŸ› American History Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Why was it hard for Native Americans to push back the colonizers?
  2. Why was the American continent interesting for the European colonizers?
  3. What were the factors contributing to the victory in American Revolution?
  4. Did the creators of the US Constitution represent the American people in it?
  5. Why did the abolitionism movement arise in 19th-century America?
  6. Was the Civil War inevitable?
  7. Abraham Lincoln, slavery, and the Civil War.
  8. How did women contribute to the Civil War?
  9. What were the relations between Native Americans and other citizens after the Civil War and the Dawes Act’s release?
  10. What were the greatest inventions in the 19th-century US? Why?
  11. What is the Gilded Age, and why is it called so?
  12. Was imperialism in the late 19th century justified?
  13. Why and how was the US involved in WWI?
  14. Could Pearl Harbor have been foretold?
  15. Women were more involved in WWII than in WWI. Do you agree?
  16. Was the propaganda during WWII successful?
  17. Was the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki necessary?
  18. Was the US reputation affected by the Cold War?
  19. Was the 1950s’ Baby Boom a natural or stimulated event?
  20. Was John F. Kennedy a successful president? What has he achieved?
  21. Do you agree that public media and the anti-war movement contributed to changing American opinions towards the Vietnam War?
  22. Did the veterans of the Vietnam War receive proper treatment after returning home?
  23. Who are the most prominent African Americans in the country’s history? Why?
  24. What were the most significant contributions to the women’s rights movement?
  25. Why is the 9/11 tragedy so significant?
  26. Why did Barack Obama receive the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize?
  27. Do current social and political events in the US influence internal issues in other countries?
  28. Is American society as cohesive today as it was in the previous century?
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πŸš‘ Medical Argumentative Essay Topics

Individual health, as well as public healthcare, is a crucial issue for society. Despite the advanced technologies surrounding us today, we still fear severe diseases like cancer or AIDS. What’s more, today, we have new challenges such as the pandemic, which has drastically changed our way of living. We prepared a list of thought-provoking medical argumentative essay topics for you. Check it out!

  1. Are the COVID-19 economical consequences comparable to the WW2 ones?
  2. Is pandemic is dangerous not only for physical health but for mental as well? If yes, why?
  3. Do you agree that some of the pandemic’s social consequences are inevitable even without such global issues?
  4. Why is switching online not a solution for some industries?
  5. Should vaccinated people receive more rights than unvaccinated?
  6. Were people always afraid of vaccination, or is it a result of mass disinformation?
  7. Are lockdown and homeschooling affecting children’s social skills development?
  8. Bill Gates claimed that we would encounter a much more hazardous pandemic soon. Do you think the world will be ready for it?
  9. Is pandemic beneficial for our long-suffering planet?
  10. Do pandemics make people more caring about other global issues?
  11. Scientists claim there is a rise in domestic violence cases number during the lockdown.
  12. Should the state provided tax holidays for the citizens till the pandemic is over?
  13. Why medical workers today are pandemic frontline heroes?
  14. Should the government provide medical workers’ families with extra benefits?
  15. Will we manage to fight the Coronavirus quickly if everyone follows all the rules and recommendations?
  16. Will pandemic slow down globalization?
  17. Is pandemic a sort of artificial selection?
  18. Should ordinary people rely on celebrities’ opinions on vaccination?
  19. Is implementing a curfew making people safer or angrier?
  20. Lockdown is an excellent time for self-development.
  21. Pandemic gives opportunities for evil deeds to be pulled off unnoticed.
  22. Pandemic has made people more self-centered.
  23. Why do many people have diabetes?
  24. Should euthanasia be normalized?
  25. How does mental and physical health related?
  26. Should medical tests be free?
  27. Should government establish a national family planning program to control the population?
  28. Do you agree that there should be a worldwide healthcare system?
  29. Should deceased donation be obligatory?

πŸ’­ Best Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics

The recent decades brought up new issues to deal with. Today, youth and adults struggling with anxiety and the absence of work-life balance, whereas war PTSD became less common. Still, the diversity of mental disorders and issues has also risen due to technological advancement. The psychology argumentative topics below cover a wide variety of problems that we should raise more awareness of, including the effects of social media, the increasing level of depression and anxiety in adults, and more.

  1. Does easy access to information make people less willing to learn?
  2. Does the Internet make people more confident about their knowledge?
  3. Why can social media have a destructive influence on one’s personality?
  4. Study shows social media can be one of the factors causing eating disorders.
  5. Can social media be useful for individuals seeking support and friendship?
  6. Can social media help people with anxiety gain strength and feel supported?
  7. How do women’s and men’s experiences on social media differ?
  8. Does social media make kids grow up faster?
  9. Did social media change our buying behavior through recent years?
  10. Why can people act more aggressively on social media than in real life?
  11. Internet is a vital part of our daily life; we can’t spend a day without it.
  12. Should parents leave kids to their gadgets?
  13. Does each generation suffer from the imperfectness of the previous generation’s upbringing?
  14. Is perfect parenting overrated?
  15. Do you agree that neglect is the worst attitude parents can display?
  16. Can cooking the special meals for a picky child make things worse?
  17. Why it’s crucial not to overcontrol your kids?
  18. Is snooping on your kids normal?
  19. Should kids be taught to address older people with more respect?
  20. Should spouses avoid divorce only to bring up a child in a complete family?
  21. Why should parents build open relationships with their kids?
  22. Is it moral to cut off the child’s striving and impose your vision of their life?
  23. Should youth stick to the ‘follow your dreams’ approach when choosing their first job?
  24. Can comparison with the others make students more anxious?
  25. When do pranks become bullying?
  26. Psychologists should work at schools and at colleges and universities, where they are even more in need.
  27. Should less stressful activities alter exams?
  28. Why should students study in groups?
  29. Why is work-life balance crucial?
  30. Why are some people constantly tired, even when they get enough sleep?

πŸ”¬ Science Argumentative Essay Topics

Today, people worldwide are suffering from severe results of technological advancement: contaminated air and water, global warming, pollution from landfills, natural resource depletion, and more. Regulating human activity is highly challenging for society. That’s why it’s essential to stay aware of the current environmental issues and scientific problems today, spreading the knowledge about them. We offer you to do that in the form of an argumentative essay on one of the topics below.

  1. Is environmental catastrophe inevitable?
  2. Do people still have a chance to save the planet from global warming?
  3. Why banning plastic is one of the crucial ways to deal with environmental problems?
  4. Should there be more investigations regarding Earth’s current environmental issues rather than finding resources and life on other planets?
  5. Was 2022 a year when many environmental issues became impossible to ignore anymore?
  6. Why should environmental problems be solved on a governmental level?
  7. Can people switch to green sources of energy in the nearest decade?
  8. What is the reason for the rise in climate activism in the recent decade?
  9. Are small steps like switching to cloth package enough to slow down climate change?
  10. Should we cut down food waste production?
  11. Should governments make irresponsible deforestation a severe crime?
  12. Is there a way back to a healthy planet?
  13. Will we find the balance between economic prosperity and a healthy environment?
  14. Why do older generations care about the environment less?
  15. Instead of living in big cities, some choose to live in tiny villages. Is it an effective way to slow down climate change?
  16. Should scientists try to reach the center of our planet?
  17. Should children be taught to consume energy responsibly?
  18. Can science help prevent global famine?
  19. Should people explore other planets?
  20. Why is it hard to repeat specific experiments?
  21. Do you agree that there can be life on Mars?
  22. Why is there such biodiversity in the world?
  23. Are marine inhabitants suffering more today than forest inhabitants?
  24. Can science predict the end of the world accurately?
  25. Why is it impossible to travel in time today?
  26. Is it moral to conduct experiments on mice?
  27. Should scientists work on all projects in teams or individually?

⚾ Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

Sports seems to be not the most complicated subject. However, there is still plenty of bias that everyone engaged in it deals with daily. Using doping is quite popular today when many countries want to show off their skillful citizens during international sports events. It can also be an issue in smaller communities, for instance, in high school or college teams. Other struggles include the relations between coaches and athletes, their study performance and further life prospects, and more. Let’s dive into this field with our list of engaging sports argumentative essay topics!

  1. Why is basketball losing its popularity today?
  2. Is chess a kind of sport?
  3. Is cheerleading considered a kind of sport?
  4. Should coaches check if athletes take steroids?
  5. College athlete compensation controversy.
  6. Is teamwork essential in any kind of sport?
  7. Why do some people prefer team sports when others like solo performing?
  8. Is sport a hobby or a way of life?
  9. Is it easy to be a professional sportsman?
  10. Why is proper resting essential for athletes?
  11. Why do athletes value the opportunity to take part in the Olympic Games?
  12. Should runners be engaged in other kinds of sports?
  13. Was the athlete upbringing model in ancient Troy moral?
  14. Why is cycling becoming more and more popular today?
  15. Is the need to exercise naturally or socially based for humans?
  16. Why do people go to extremes, for instance, grow abnormal muscles?
  17. Can skinny people be strong?
  18. Not all great sportsmen can be good coaches. Why?
  19. Why do some athletes prefer to stay amateurs rather than become professional?
  20. Is sport more important for society today than it was a hundred years ago?
  21. Are there any gender biases in sports? Why?
  22. Would it be good to have separate Olympics events for men and women?
  23. Why don’t women play in one football team with men?
  24. Which kind of sports is the most beneficial for human health? Why?
  25. Should children be engaged in professional sports?
  26. Do you agree that those who became professional sportsmen in childhood risk being depressed and socially distant later in life?
  27. Why do parents want their children to become outstanding sportsmen?
  28. Should children choose sport over spending time with friends?
  29. Does sport help build social skills?
  30. Everyone has specific sport needs. Some may need training daily, while others are fine with exercising twice a week. Do you agree with this?
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πŸ“‘ Argumentative Essay Topics on Technology

Today, more than ever previously, our lives depend on technologies. They are integrated into healthcare, social life, business, personal life, and other fields. Does this make our lives better? This is not the only question to dwell on. Technologies often cause significant controversies, especially when something new is just presented to the public. Discover engaging argumentative essay topics on technology below!

  1. Why is it so complicated to build a human-like AI?
  2. Why is IT such a profitable niche?
  3. Is creating a human-like AI a matter of human curiosity or a need?
  4. Is immortality possible with the help of advanced technologies?
  5. Why are people afraid of robot takeover?
  6. Can AI become creative?
  7. Will AR technologies substitute our reality?
  8. Does technological advancement promote unemployment?
  9. Will there be a way to control machines when they become almost self-reliant?
  10. Why do we get so easily distracted by our gadgets?
  11. Does it make sense to take so many photos?
  12. Why are older people not likely to get on well with intelligent devices?
  13. Is virtual friendship more beneficial than real?
  14. Why should we spend less time in front of the screen?
  15. Is absolute privacy achievable today?
  16. Will cryptocurrency be mass used in the nearest future?
  17. What is the most important invention of the 21st century?
  18. Does our experience of communication with other humans have an impact on the way we interactions with machines?
  19. Is it morally wrong to genetically engineer your future child?
  20. Who do you think an identity chip would benefit more: the government or the person with it?
  21. Can video games be useful?
  22. Do you think people will spend their lives in virtual reality in the future?
  23. Will people be able to change their appearance entirely with the help of technologies?
  24. The newest technology allows enlivening the photos of your ancestors. Do you think this can be helpful?
  25. What are prominent inventions of the previous centuries reconsidered today?
  26. What are the most significant Big Data technological challenges today?
  27. Why is genetic engineering technology of the future?
  28. Can technologies make weather forecasting 100% accurate?

🏫 Argumentative Essay Topics for School

Argumentative essays may appear in students’ life when they are in high school or, sometimes, even earlier. First, they look pretty simple, and you don’t need to do thorough research to prepare for them. At this stage, the topics may be rather general and cover several subjects at once, for instance, politics and social issues. This section presents a list of hot topics in 2024, covering the impact of COVID-19 on our daily life and recent events in the US residents’ social life. Also, you can find ideas for argumentative essays in middle and elementary school.

Let’s see what they are!

πŸŽ’ Argumentative Topics for High School

High school students are almost adults, showing a great understanding of past and current events. Young age does not define mental abilities, so it’s a great time to contemplate some challenging topics. These can be political issues, healthcare problems, interpersonal relationships, or even the pandemic’s consequences on the world’s economy. There are no limits to your creativity and interest! Check out the list below for more inspiration.

  1. Homeschooling makes children less sociable and more depressed.
  2. As Winston S. Churchill said β€” ‘Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.’ Should government aim at it then?
  3. Public safety: should infected people be criminally responsible for disregarding quarantine restrictions?
  4. Is lockdown the best strategy against pandemic?
  5. Will schools be the same as they were before the pandemic?
  6. Pandemic seemed to make countries’ carbon footprint smaller; however, everything can worsen once the quarantine is over.
  7. Pandemic stimulated many factories to go more ‘green.’
  8. Will the pandemic have a lasting impact on global carbon emissions?
  9. School students should be more informed about current political and social issues in their country.
  10. Should the voting age be raised to 25?
  11. A more in-depth political and social discussion at school will help students grow up better voters.
  12. Should we trust others’ opinions on a subject if they are not experts in it?
  13. Should higher education be accessible for all?
  14. Education is the way to tackle inequity.
  15. Why should educational institutions aim at equity rather than equality?
  16. Should medical services and education be free?
  17. Does globalization benefit national identity?
  18. Why can AI not replace humans?
  19. Should online piracy be considered a crime?
  20. Could family, as a concept, disappear in the next 200-300 years?
  21. Why some protests cause destruction when aiming at peace?
  22. How does the most efficient and peaceful society could look like?
  23. Presidents of many European countries act like regular citizens despite their high position in society. Is it a practice worth taking after?
  24. Is terrorism a political instrument?
  25. Should the death penalty be legalized?
  26. Is national security more important than people’s privacy?
  27. Is cultural appropriation a real problem or just a way to steal the show?
  28. Why ‘All lives matter’ is considered racist? Do you agree with it?
  29. Why many people associate politics with the absence of morality?
  30. How cultural differences influence political systems in various countries

✏ Argumentative Topics for Middle School

Although writing essays is easier at middle school than at high school, this doesn’t mean younger students can’t discuss serious issues. There are dozens of fascinating things and events surrounding you, so why not discuss one of them? You can have more fun with the topic you chose for your essay, even if it seems complicated at first.

  1. Should school become 100% online?
  2. Are children becoming addicted to their gadgets, or is it a new normal?
  3. Students spend more time playing video games than reading. Is it how it should be?
  4. Should all nations unite to create a single global government?
  5. Should celebrities become politicians?
  6. Should classes be outdoor when possible?
  7. Is global citizenship a worthy idea?
  8. Should keeping fire weapons be allowed?
  9. Should religion and politics be kept separately?
  10. Is war always a political decision?
  11. Are revolutions beneficial for society?
  12. Is there a cure for all social issues?
  13. Does globalization demolish national authenticity?
  14. How can war monuments be valuable?
  15. Should people aim at having one job in their life?
  16. Why is Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci a masterpiece?
  17. Is it easier to become famous today thanks to social media?
  18. Should education be free for everyone?
  19. Is human nature good or evil?
  20. Can you live a month without the Internet?
  21. Why are there revolutions and other social movements?
  22. Should the government raise the minimum wage?
  23. Is it better to live in a house than in a flat?
  24. Is using public transport better than having a personal car?
  25. Do you agree that people who have pets are happier than those without them?
  26. Why is eating fast food dangerous?
  27. Why should vocabulary lessons be taught?
  28. Can corruption be overcome entirely?

πŸ‘©β€πŸ« Argumentative Topics for Elementary School

The world around you is full of curious things. However, many issues are hard to understand. An argumentative essay may help to organize your thoughts about something and show why you think something is good or bad, right or wrong. Let’s dwell on some engaging topics today!

  1. Why people become homeless?
  2. Why do humans need art?
  3. Why is everyday racism dangerous?
  4. Is it reasonable to have siblings?
  5. Should society be multicultural?
  6. Why do wars still exist?
  7. Is it reasonable to have a lot of money?
  8. Should parents act like the child’s friends?
  9. Should parents give pocket money to their children?
  10. Why a country needs national symbols?
  11. Should all people have pets?
  12. Do you think there should be zoos?
  13. Why do adults usually live separately from their parents?
  14. Should amusement parks be free?
  15. Would you like to live in a country with an all-year summer?
  16. Is it better to live in a big city or a village?
  17. Why do people need friends?
  18. Should there be fewer cars?
  19. Why do people like traveling?
  20. Is the doctor a hard job today?
  21. Why should we respect other nations?
  22. Should abandoning pets be a crime?
  23. Should people believe in God? Why?
  24. Are soldiers defending their country heroes?
  25. Should there be more parks?
  26. Why do people need to exercise?
  27. Why should children spend more time outside?
  28. Do you agree that reading is important?
  29. Should children learn to cook at a young age?
  30. Are cartoons useful for children?

πŸ”₯ Argumentative Essay Writing Guide

First, let’s get down to basics and see what an argumentative essay is. Same as most academic writing genres, this type of composition requires clear structure. It helps organize the facts and reasoning, presenting the results of prior research. Research is an essential part of an argumentative essay, and we will talk about it more in the next block.

An argumentative essay’s main objective is to bring up a controversial topic and present the facts that drew you to a particular conclusion about the issue. This writing assignment is popular among students of different disciplines because it makes them contemplate crucial subjects, developing their perspective and values.

πŸ—Ί Argumentative Essay Outline

Same as most academic writings, an argumentative essay should have a refined and compelling structure. Now, let’s see what the key milestones of it are.

  • A strong and concise thesis statement in the first paragraph.
    The first paragraph of your essay is considered an introduction, so the first thing you have to do is present the key issue to your readers. In this part, you should introduce your topic’s general context, state why it is newsworthy, and bring up your thesis statement.
  • A five-paragraph approach: separate your arguments.
    When writing a short essay, you can rely on a five-paragraph approach. It means creating an introduction, three paragraphs supporting and developing your thesis statement, and a conclusion.
  • Present one idea per paragraph.
    Your arguments should unfold gradually and logically. It’s a bad idea to pack a single passage with all your best thoughts. Remember a simple rule: one idea – one paragraph.
  • The conclusion shouldn’t simply duplicate the introduction.
    If your intro and conclusion sound the same, then you should question the achievements of your research. To make a solid final paragraph, reconsider your thesis statement, relying on the statistics and facts in your prior research.

Let’s follow this short example from the Assignzen essay database. Here is the one called ‘The US Dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency.’


Assignzen essay US dollar screenshot introduction

As we can see, this introduction section is relatively short yet compelling. It contains everything it should: a sentence about the context, thesis statement, and a sentence that guides us to the next paragraph.


Assignzen essay US dollar screenshot conclusion

This part of the sample essay also meets the requirements. It’s not too long and refers to the introduction; however, it doesn’t duplicate the first section. Using the arguments that were presented in the main body, the author restates the thesis statement.

What does this example show us?

As you can notice, the introduction doesn’t point out the key benefits of reading for pleasure; in conclusion, the author mentions them.

πŸ“œ How to Deal with Longer Essays

Not all of the essays assigned to you will be that short to follow a five-paragraph rule, so you should know how to deal with the bigger ones. Some topics are hard to discuss in only a few pages, and they require in-depth research. That’s precisely the case when you have to understand that writing a short essay can be resized and applied to generating longer papers.

What to start with?

Any essay needs an introduction and a compelling thesis statement. Your introduction can consist of several paragraphs, considering the total number of pages or words. For instance, if your paper is 2 to 3 pages, your introduction will likely consist of a single paragraph. So, we can come up with a formula: for every two pages of your essay, add a section to your intro. Indeed, this is not a concrete rule; it’s rather a tendency that you can observe in most academic writings.

After finishing your research, different essential ideas and facts to see how many paragraphs your main body will contain. Remember to display one thought per paragraph. Also, it will be beneficial to present criticism of the ideas you’re discussing in one or two passages.

Finally, draft a summary of your research’s actual results. Here, follow another similar method: write an idea within a single sentence. Your conclusion should represent the facts and data as they unfold in the main body to follow the reader to your key thought’s restatement gradually.

πŸ’» Argumentative Essay: Step-by-step

If you’ve chosen a topic from our list, your essay is already remarkable. However, you can make it even better by applying some tricks to discuss in this section. An argumentative essay is a genre that provides enough space for unwrapping your creativity and engaging in the discussion. The more controversial your topic is, the more interesting it is to analyze it.

So, what are these tricks?

Keep your interest

If you don’t find the chosen topic fascinating, maybe it’s better to change it? Working on something you’re not keen on is a losing game. You will immediately lose motivation, and the essay will turn out dull.

Use active voice

Although you may be taught that passive voice makes you sound more academic, it also makes your paper dull and less dynamic. Using an active voice will make your statement more robust and trustworthy.

Avoid Complex Words

You may want to impress the teacher with more than ten synonyms to the word’ amazing,’ but this can have the opposite effect. It’s better to stick to the terms the meaning you’re sure about and use 2-3 synonyms for common words like ‘useful,’ ‘important,’ ‘main,’ and ‘good.’

Avoid Repetition

Sometimes, you may repeat not only the words but the whole phrases and sentence structures. This will only make your writing piece boring to read. The diverse syntax makes the work stand out, remember this.

Use Idioms

In some cases, an idiom is the best representation of a specific issue or statement. Use a few easy-to-understand yet not overused phrases to spice up your essay!

Employ Rhetorical Questions

A rhetorical question can motivate the reader to think about your essay’s issue more deeply. The best location for it is the introduction or the end of the conclusion. Isn’t it amazing that you can make people remember your essay with these simple tricks?
Whether you’re writing an essay or an argumentative research paper, the information above may be a great source of inspiration for you! Today, we unwrapped the process of creating argumentative writing and discovered over 300 topics for college, high, middle, and elementary school, covering various study fields.

We hope that our list was a great source of ideas for your future papers. Follow our latest updates and stay tuned!

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