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How to Write Good Hooks for Your Essays (with Samples)

Hooks for essays

A good hook is bait your readers swallow and have no choice but to read the rest of your essay (with their mouths open). Good hooks for essays intrigue readers and/or appeal to their emotions.


The easiest way to get your readers’ attention is to shock them. Striking statistics, breaking news or some extraordinary facts can be great for this purpose.

Striking statistics

The salary gap between entry level workers with a bachelor degree and a school diploma has never been greater than today. The employees without a college degree earn up to 62% of what college graduates make.

Breaking news

All the romantic statements concerning the mental and spiritual connection between people finally received a scientific proof. The recent findings have revealed that human brain perceives ‘we’ as ‘me’. The brain activity of a person who witnesses a threat to a friend or relative is nearly the same as if a person is threatened himself/herself.

Extraordinary facts

At least 1 in 4 persons experiences a certain kind of mental health problem at a certain moment in life. Though certain diseases are preconditioned genetically, everyone can be at risk due to certain circumstances. Protecting personal wellbeing is important for everyone, regardless of health history and family background.

Personal Interest

One more effective way to grab readers’ attention is to tell them right from the start that their personal interest is concerned. The strategies that work best as hooks for essays are danger or gain.


Aimed at preventing diseases, vaccinations can have terrible consequences. The vaccination dangers can kill or ruin a person’s life. On the other hand, people who refuse to be vaccinated are at risk of serious viruses…


As an important part of a healthy lifestyle, adequate sleep goes far beyond eliminating your under-eye bags and boosting your mood. Healthy sleep is effective and necessary for good memory and consolidating the information and skills learned before sleeping…


Humor is arguably one of the best ways to establish a contact with a person. Essays are not an exception. Just make sure that the anecdote you choose is appropriate:

Did you hear of a California State University student who stayed up all night studying for his blood test? Indeed, preparing for tests can be stressful. Some patients confess that the anxiety can result in insomnia and waking up long before the alarm clock…


A rhetorical question can be a good hook for your essay too. Directly addressing your reader is a great way to establish contact:

Is global warming real? The opinions concerning this phenomenon range from despair to utmost skepticism. Some scholars claim that the planet is in danger, whereas others insist that the global climate change is significantly exaggerated…


Another strategy is to let the readers ‘overhear’ a dialogue to awaken their natural curiosity. Here’s another good hook for your essay:

In a college cafeteria: “What kind of pie do you call this,” asks one student indignantly.

“What doe it taste like?” asks the cook. – “Glue.” – “Then it’s an apple pie – the plum pie is more like soap.” The quality of college meals often becomes a topic for jokes, despite its actual quality…


John Lennon said, “Time you enjoy wasting was not wasted.” Indeed, with the present day enormous tempo of life, people undergo an immense stress. Spending time on pleasant things, hobbies or relaxing activities can be an effective way to improve mental health. The time you spend with pleasure is a great investment in your psychological wellbeing…

So, make sure to include a hook into your essay or combine a few of the above discussed strategies.

Comments (1)

Jan 19th, 2016 - 00:48 am

I’m in agreement about “hooking” a reader using personal interest tactics.

I can attest to the fact that I am more apt to read an article if the subject matter pertains to me personally.
Humor is another great way to communicate. Who doesn’t like to laugh?