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Sample test

APA Research Paper

Topic: The Clothes Changing in China from the 19th Century to the Middle 20th Century

Subject: Asian Studies

Level: School

Urgency: 14 days

Number of pages: 13

Approx $12.20 / page

Sample test

Harvard Research Paper

Topic: Peer Interaction in Mergers: Evidence of Collective Rumination

Subject: Business and Economics

Level: College

Urgency: 7 days

Number of pages: 13

Approx $17.24 / page

Sample test

MLA Research Paper

Topic: Criminal Law and Canadian Immigration Law

Subject: Criminal Law

Level: Master

Urgency: 5 days

Number of pages: 4

Approx $27.32 / page

Sample test

Management Research Paper

Topic: Nordstrom - The North Face

Subject: Management

Level: Master

Urgency: 3 days

Number of pages: 12

Approx $33.36 / page

Sample test

Psychology Research Paper

Topic: Nonverbal Communication in Cartoon Characters

Subject: Psychology

Level: PhD

Urgency: 48 hours

Number of pages: 7

Approx $41.43 / page

Sample test

Law Research Paper

Topic: Consumer Credit Acts 1974 and 2006

Subject: Law

Level: College

Urgency: 12 hours

Number of pages: 8

Approx $37.40 / page

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