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30 Cool College Essay Topics – Choose the Right Approach

This is it. That moment in your life when time stops and nothing else matters. There are only you and your college essay.

If you feel like you’re going through hell, take a break. And choose a good college essay topic. A new perspective might inspire you and make your writing much more convincing.

College Essay Topics: New Angles for Great Results

All college essays say that their authors are perfect candidates. However, you might be creative. Choose nice words to express the same idea. Here’s how you can give a new life to the good old admission essay clichés. The following college essay prompts might inspire you to write an amazing story:

  1. Optimistic: One quote that always inspires me.
  2. Romantic: One person who changed me forever.
  3. Skeptic: One failure that turned out to be a blessing.
  4. Surprising: A hobby which characterizes me as a person.
  5. Grateful: A thing I’m grateful I never had.
  6. Philosophical: How I realized what the main values in life are.

Search your memories to tell an interesting story on some of these college essay topics:

  1. Classical: My main accomplishments. (If you ask what’s so creative about this one, shift the emphasis towards what helped you achieve something.)
  2. Open-minded: A misunderstanding which taught you how important communication is.
  3. Responsible: I’m responsible for what I’ve tamed.
  4. Devoted: I love my native town/ country no matter what.
  5. Enthusiastic: I’d love to discover cure for AIDS/ do something meaningful.
  6. Considerate: My experience of intercultural communication.
  7. Faithful: I’m a reliable friend/ child etc.
  8. Kind: Something I do to make this world better.
  9. Pleasant: Why I think we should enjoy what we’re doing (even writing this essay).
  10. Sincere: I have a weakness despite which I’m a good candidate.
  11. Thoughtful: Many views on one social issue.
  12. Ambitious: My career aspirations are still not as important as family values.
  13. Assertive: How I tried more than 5 times to do something.
  14. Creative How I can use things in unusual ways.
  15. Curious: I’m interested in all kinds of things, but my future major is my core interest.
  16. Inventive: How I optimized the working process.
  17. Confident: I know that persistence helps achieve goals.
  18. Cooperative: If I can’t cope with a task, I ask for help and think it’s normal.
  19. Energetic: Doing what I love gives me strength.
  20. Sociable: Why I love meeting new people and learning new things from them.
  21. Purposeful: I have a long-term strategy and intermediate goals.
  22. Knowledgeable: My knowledge saved me in an extreme situation.
  23. Passionate: I lose the track of time while studying what I love.
  24. Inspiring: How I realized that I’m unique.

Feel free to choose a few college essay topics if you can decide right now. Good luck with your admission!