337 Unique Cause and Effect Essay Topics

337 Unique Cause and Effect Essay Topics

What will happen if we stop using social media? How will people react to the total banning of single-use plastic? These questions can start a great discussion and, also, become your cause and effect essay topics. This writing genre discusses the consequences of certain events and the relations between them. You can create this kind of essay on various issues that range from daily issues to global political or environmental problems.

This type of writing helps us understand how the events that seem different can be related and how they determine each other. No wonder you can encounter such an assignment many times throughout your study life. We prepared a list of unique cause and effect essay topics that will make your writing piece stick out of the dozens of boring ones. Let’s see what they are!

πŸŒ‹ 10 Interesting Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  1. Physical activity for astronauts.
  2. Fast-food consumption and excess fat.
  3. The impact of social media on learning.
  4. The fall of the Iron Curtain.
  5. Abolition of slavery and development.
  6. What makes you like movies?
  7. Single parenthood and children.
  8. Video games and self-awareness.
  9. Why is it essential to be positive?
  10. The results of sibling rivalry.
  11. The difficulty of finding a job.
  12. Social anxiety.
  13. The importance of Soft Skills.
  14. What recent case has excited you?
  15. How do your siblings affect your life?

πŸ€ Cause and Effect Essay Topics about Sports

Sport is an integral part of our lives. Not everyone should be a professional, but imagining your life entirely without being engaged in sports is hard. Why is it so crucial for our body? This is one of many engaging topics for a good cause and effect essay. There are many more discoveries you can make researching this field. Check the list below to get inspiration!

  1. The impacts of physical training on learning capacity.
  2. How does regular training influence a person’s mental health?
  3. Why is football so popular today?
  4. How are gender biases influencing sports?
  5. Why are some footballers paid so well, while other athletes may not?
  6. How do personality traits influence the sportsman’s performance?
  7. Why is being engaged in professional sport stressful?
  8. How are nutrition and fitness correlated?
  9. What is FC Barcelona’s secret of success?
  10. How do international events influence the Olympic Games?
  11. Why do Chinese athletes manage to perform excellently in most sports at the Olympic Games for many years?
  12. What are the effects of sports on the global culture?
  13. Does being engaged in sports at high school or college influence the child’s study performance? How?
  14. How do different coaches’ personalities influence the athletes’ mindset and performance?
  15. What are the reasons for running becoming popular today?
  16. Why do people need to stretch their muscles?
  17. How do childhood sports injuries influence future life?
  18. How does sport influence the mental health of a child who experienced trauma?
  19. The role of patience in the athlete’s professional development.
  20. The impact of the pandemic on major world sports events.
  21. What is the connection between mental and physical health?
  22. The impact of sport on the life of a partially disabled person.
  23. Why are two-sport athletes disappearing?
  24. The reasons why there will always be rich professional sportsmen.
  25. What are the reasons for people choosing extreme sports?
  26. How does professional activity influence the athlete’s personal life?
  27. How do severe injuries impact sportsman’s motivation to continue their professional activity?
  28. How does swimming impact the body?
  29. How do race biases influence the sports industry?
  30. What is the effect of politics on the sports industry?

πŸ“± Cause and Effect of Social Media: Essay Topics

Social media and the Internet are ones the main characters of our daily life. From TikTok to Wikipedia – we have extensive access to 24-hour communication, memes, and curious facts about serial killers. No doubt we can also find and learn a lot of valuable things as well. So, is it good or bad? The effects of social media and the Internet are underrated, and we should be aware of them. Choose the topic for a cause and effect of social media essay to dwell on and express your opinion!

  1. How do social media influence your self-esteem?
  2. The influence of the Internet on the globalization processes.
  3. Why is it difficult to imagine life without social media today?
  4. What are the reasons for youths becoming addicted to social media?
  5. How do Instagram and similar platforms define today’s trends?
  6. The effects of deliberate isolation from the Internet and social media.
  7. The causes of children spending days on the Internet.
Questions to define cause and effect
  1. The impact of the Internet and social media on the established knowledge.
  2. Why is it dangerous to expose too many details of your private life on social media?
  3. Why do people like to watch videos with cute animals?
  4. The results of consuming too much visual information.
  5. Why do people with thousands of subscribers still feel lonely?
  6. Do social media make us more anxious?
  7. How do social media increase the gap between the poor and rich?
  8. Why does online chatting outweigh live communication among young people today?
  9. The impact of social media on finding and building romantic relationships.
  10. How have pandemics influenced social media activity?
  11. What are the causes of TikTok becoming more popular than Instagram today?
  12. How do social media influence cinematography?
  13. What are the results of young people following celebrities’ lives?
  14. What makes people post nude photos on social media?
  15. Why do bloggers earn so much money?
  16. Are social media beneficial for spreading awareness about environmental issues?
  17. Why do people tend to expose only good things that happen to them?
  18. How is social media helping professionals develop their skills?
  19. How do social media influence gender and race biases?

πŸ™‹ Human Rights Topics for Essays

Discussing human rights is essential for the development of global society. Although we’re living in an age when significant past centuries’ significant problems are resolved, we still haven’t found a solution for many arising issues. They are child labor, gender biases, human trafficking, and many others. The violation of human rights can result in severe events, so we should avoid the arising troubles and search for proper remedy.

  1. Why do women and men receive different salaries?
  2. Effects of war on humanity in terms of human rights.
  3. The origins of the global community concept.
  4. The effects of child labor.
  5. The results of basic human rights violations.
  6. The effects of Confucianism on human rights development.
  7. The connection between human rights and social transformation.
  8. Why is the issue of human rights arising in recent years?
  9. How did the UDHR influence the world?
  10. Why is it hard to achieve the same human rights standards in all countries?
  11. The impact of WWI and WWII on the global discussion of human rights.
  12. The reasons why human trafficking is continuing.
  13. How does poverty impact the violation of human rights?
  14. The results of the violation of the human right to choose their religion.
  15. Why is the freedom of speech violated in post-soviet countries?
  16. How is the United Nations influencing international human rights tendencies?
  17. The reasons for human rights being violated more often in developing countries.
  18. The causes and effects of the LGBTQ+ movement.
  19. The reasons for the abolition of the death penalty.
  20. The impact of natural disasters on illegal immigration.
  21. The results of violating child’s rights.
  22. Why do some parents violate a child’s right to express themselves?
  23. The impact of the civil rights movement.
  24. How do revolutions influence civil rights development?
  25. How are human rights and democratic stability related?

πŸ’Ό Good Cause and Effect Essay on Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is one of the problems the US is suffering from foremost. Being a country of immigrants, it creates space for an open discussion of the issue. Although most people support the idea that immigration has negative effects, some believe it can positively affect it. In all, developing a proper policy that regulates illegal immigration is the task the government should handle immediately.

  1. What are the causes of immigration?
  2. The impact of immigration, race, and labor on American history.
  3. Why do immigrants try to stay in the country illegally?
  4. How is illegal immigration influencing the U.S. economics and labor market?
  5. New immigration waves in the USA.
  6. The outcomes of the government ignoring illegal immigration.
  7. US racial inequality, immigration, and legislation.
  8. How does poverty influence illegal immigration?
  9. The impact of strict rules against illegal immigrants.
  10. How has 9/11 influenced the immigration policy in the US?
  11. How did Trump influence the immigration policy?
  12. The connection between illegal immigration and prostitution.
  13. The relations between slavery and illegal immigration.
  14. Why is illegal immigration more common for rich countries?
  15. Why is the number of deaths among illegal immigrants increasing?
  16. The issues of illegal immigration in the United States.
  17. Why is the number of male immigrants more significant than the number of female immigrants?
  18. How is illegal immigration influencing terrorism?
  19. What are the positive impacts of immigration on the US?

🍦 Food Topics to Write About

Food is not only about good taste and tempting appearance. We should consider it as our primary nutrients and energy source. There are numerous myths and stereotypes around this topic because each human has their own body needs and preferences. It’s easy for some people to go vegetarian if they don’t like the taste of meat. At the same time, it’s hard for someone to exclude dairy products if they love cheese and milk, and this food makes them happy. There are also other issues, such as the effects of consuming GMOs and fast food. Discuss one of the hot topics from the list below!

  1. The causes of eating disorders in children and teenagers today.
  2. Why do people like junk food?
  3. The effects of skipping breakfast.
  4. How can intermittent fasting influence your body?
  5. What are the causes of diabetes in children?
  6. The impact of switching to a vegan diet on children’s and adults’ health.
  7. How does your diet influence your immune resistance?
  8. The effects of eating fast food.
  9. The impact of eating genetically modified food.
  10. How does sticking to a Mediterranean diet influence the body?
  11. The results of consuming low-quality foods.
  12. Why are vegetarian and vegan diets becoming more and more popular today?
  13. Why can overeating fruit be dangerous?
  14. How consuming too much water can affect your health?
  15. Why is it better to drink green tea than coffee?
  16. The connection between nutrition and mood.
  17. Why is it essential to have nutritious snacks?
  18. The results of consuming carbonated drinks daily.
  19. Why do people have cravings for food in the late evening?
  20. Vegan diet and its effects on the body.
  21. The results of drinking not enough water.
  22. Why should children eat more fruit and vegetables?
  23. Why is it essential to have a diverse diet?
  24. What are the causes of people cooking less at home today?
  25. Why do children often refuse to taste new food?
  26. The results of consuming too much sugar.
  27. The outcomes of consuming too much fruit.

πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ Social Topics to Write About

Despite numerous technological advancements that made our lives easier, we’re still fighting against many social biases, including racism, gender equality, poverty, etc. An issue-free society seems too utopian, but it’s nothing wrong with aiming at it. Sociology, same as other science fields, has many interrelated phenomena and processes. Discuss one of them in your cause and effect essay!

  1. How does race inequality influence intercultural relations?
  2. The causes of chauvinism and xenophobia.
  3. Gender construction and child’s play.
  4. The effects of legalizing same-sex marriage.
  5. How does unawareness influence attitude to the LGBTQ+ community?
  6. The results of labor migration in the US.
  7. How do immigrants influence the local culture?
  8. How is corruption promoting emigration?
  9. The causes of emigration.
  10. How do economic developments improve our lives?
  11. Adverse effects of sexual objectification among women.
  12. How is creative class influencing today’s society?
  13. How can demographical change affect different spheres of life?
  14. The consequences of population growth.
  15. The connection between social decline and morality.
  16. How do online movements influence society?
  17. Unemployment and its social consequences.
  18. How does the anti-racism agenda affect the art and cinematography industries?
  19. Why is it hard to achieve equity even today?
  20. The causes and effects of class division.
  21. The reasons for homelessness.
  22. How do immigrants influence the cultural identity of residents?
  23. How can revolutionary movements influence the current political regime?
  24. The effects of competition in society.
  25. Why is society constantly changing?
  26. How do rebellions influence the country’s internal policy?
  27. The causes of impeachment.
  28. The reasons and results of political instability.
  29. The effects of environmental issues on society.

πŸ˜‚ Fun Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Sometimes you just get too tired of serious issues. It’s high time to discuss something fun! We prepared various topics that you can contemplate just to unwind your mind. Dwell on your free-time activities, the time you spend with friends, and other fun essay topics.

  1. How can music help to concentrate?
  2. Why are children getting less and less homework?
  3. The consequences of banning grading.
  4. Online shopping app impact on impulsive buying behavior.
  5. How did the hippie culture influence the art world?
  6. How do trendy TV shows influence real family life?
  7. Why do grandparents usually spoil their grandkids more than their children?
  8. How are happiness and sadness related?
  9. What will happen if you drink 10 liters of water at once?
  10. What makes people watch funny videos all day long?
  11. Why hasn’t Esperanto become an international language?
  12. How attending live performances influences our mental health?
  13. Is it helpful to go out with friends?
  14. Video games impact on players.
  15. How can playing video games help children deal with stress?
  16. The reasons why teenagers like staying up late.
  17. Why do people love to watch sunrise and sunset?
  18. How does following trends influence your life?
  19. The impact of art on our lives.
  20. The connection between music and language.
  21. How does having pets influence our lives?
  22. Why do people take selfies?
  23. How do your friends impact your life?
  24. Why is blue considered to be a male color, while pink is female?
  25. Why do people like parties?
  26. How does nightlife influence daily life?
  27. Why do teenagers tend to separate from their parents?

πŸ₯ Health Topics to Write About

As well as technologies, medicine has advanced drastically since the previous century. However, there are still diseases scientists haven’t found a cure for yet, for instance, cancer and AIDS. Each year brings discoveries and new challenges for this field. Each illness or malfunction has its cause and effect. Try to find that out for the following topics!

  1. The causes of a heart attack.
  2. The consequences of vitamin overdosing.
  3. The causes and effects of antibiotic resistance.
  4. The effects of abortion on a woman’s body.
  5. Medical marijuana legalization benefits in the US.
  6. The consequences of making medical treatment free for everyone.
  7. The causes of chronic headaches.
  8. Why are some diseases inevitable despite how progressive humanity is?
  9. How does the medical staff’s mindset influence their patients?
  10. The effects of misinformation on health issues presented on the Internet.
  11. Why do many people choose to consult a doctor only in urgent cases?
  12. The impact of regular health checks.
  13. How does the area you live in influence your resistance to certain diseases?
Common mistakes to avoid in cause and effect essay

πŸ’» Technology Cause and Effect Essay Topics

The modern world can be described as the beginning of a technocratic era. The most powerful countries are usually those with the most advanced technologies. How has this happened, and what can be the consequences? There are numerous other issues related to technologies, including alternative energy sources, creating self-reliant AI, etc.

  1. The impact of technologies on the development of the leisure class.
  2. How do new technologies make our lives better?
  3. How does technological advancement influence healthcare?
  4. Why haven’t people invented a teleport yet?
  5. The effects of using solar energy.
  6. Why is it hard to make a foldable smartphone?
  7. How are AI-powered apps making our lives easier?
  8. How can the accessibility of space-traveling influence our lives?
  9. How can space weather influence our planet?
  10. Renewable energy generation, application, impacts.
  11. How do new technologies influence the beauty industry?
  12. Why can’t computers fully replace humans?
  13. The effects of the invention of a printing press.
  14. The impact of manure in soil organic.
  15. The effects of making compost.
  16. How do big cities affect the environment?
  17. How did industrialization kick-start global warming?
  18. How does acid rain affect life on Earth?
  19. Why can’t people achieve immortality today?
  20. Why are more people becoming concerned about information security when they work from home?
  21. The reasons for more and more companies using cloud computing.
  22. Why is it essential to create integrations rather than separate tools today?
  23. How does automation influence the security of personal information?
  24. Why is it hard to find a skillful full-stack developer?
  25. What is phishing, and how is it influencing site visitors’ experience?
  26. The outcomes of using deepfake content.

🀡 Personal Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Whether we’re speaking of romantic or friendly relationships, there are dozens of issues that may arise. Some people think that two people share equal responsibility for any problem; others believe that only one person – the offender – should be responsible. There is no correct answer, but maybe we can apply a golden mean principle here: sometimes everything depends on one person, while in many other cases, it doesn’t.

All in all, human relationship is a complicated and crucial field. Research one of the topics we prepared for you!

  1. How does an abusive relationship influence your mental health?
  2. Why does childhood friendship usually end up when people grow up?
  3. The impact of solitude on motivation and productivity.
  4. How will our lives change if we choose not to step into a serious relationship in a lifetime?
  5. The effects of telling the truth to your partner all the time.
  6. How can a bad relationship with parents affect your own marriage?
  7. How can immaturity influence the relationship with your partner?
  8. Why is there a tendency for couples to break up after the first year of being married?
  9. The effects of early marriage.
  10. What makes two people become best friends?
  11. Why do some people choose to stay alone for their whole life?
  12. The effects of staying friends with toxic people.
  13. Why do many women conceal domestic violence?
  14. Why many spouses decide on divorce after being married for 10-15 years?
  15. How does losing a child affect marriage?
  16. Why is it hard to stop thinking about the person you love?
  17. Why can the relationship between a wife and a mother-in-law get tense?
  18. How do healthy and unhealthy relationships influence your self-esteem?
  19. The reasons why we choose partners similar to our own parents.
  20. How does the work you don’t like influence your motivation?
  21. Why do more and more people choose to start their own business rather than work for someone?
  22. Single parenting: cause and effects.
  23. Why should parents never use ignoration as punishment?
  24. How does parents’ happiness influence their children?
  25. Why are girls’ relationships with their fathers frequently better than with their mothers?
  26. Why do most people misunderstand what depression is?
  27. The effects of living in a toxic family.
  28. The common causes of apathy among teenagers and adults.
  29. Why do people need to belong to a group?
  30. The consequences of the persistent guilt.
  31. The influence of dreams on our perception of others and their actions.

πŸŽ’ Cause and Effect Essay Topics for Middle School

In middle school, you can already discuss a wide range of engaging topics covering diverse fields. You can dwell on some political or social issues; write about your career prospects or relationships with others. Use this time to express your opinion freely on any topic you wish! It’s high time to develop your point of view and form your principles. We prepared a list of interesting cause and effect essay topics that will help you master the skills mentioned above.

  1. Why do some people think they should stick to one job in their life?
  2. How does working from a young age can influence your attitude to work in general?
  3. What results does working in a team have on your productivity?
  4. Why do some people choose to follow the same career path as their parents did?
  5. Why do some actors finish their careers at a young age?
  6. The causes of children being dishonest with their parents.
  7. Influence of religion on the Civil Rights Movement.
  8. How does power affect politicians?
  9. The reasons why some citizens choose not to vote.
  10. Why did most of the great monarchies disappear?
  11. The causes of the US Civil War.
  12. How can parents’ bad habits affect children?
  13. The causes and results of gender inequality at schools.
  14. The possible effects of making higher education free for everyone.
  15. Why are humans evil and cruel?
  16. Why is it hard for a modern human to stop utilizing single-use plastic?
  17. How does oil production affect the environment?
  18. Why do people like to spawn controversial theories about famous artists?
  19. How does language influence the culture?
  20. Why can’t countries simply print money?
  21. The causes of poverty.
  22. What would be the outcomes of lowering the voting age?
  23. The impact of regular health checks.
  24. How does the golden mean influence our perception of beauty?
  25. Why do people need philosophy?

πŸŽ“ Good Cause and Effect Topics for College Students

In college, you discover many more exciting things about the world that surrounds you. Now, you understand more about the tax and healthcare systems. Also, you might be more aware of the global events so that you can dwell on them in more detail. It’s a great time to express your opinion on the crucial issues and suggest your solution to specific problems. Discover more with the topics we prepared for you!

  1. Why do women encounter the ‘glass ceiling’ phenomenon more often than men?
  2. How do your job accomplishments influence your confidence?
  3. Why do IT specialists earn that much?
  4. Why is unemployment increasing in the US?
  5. How shortening the workweek to 4 days can influence your performance?
  6. How can job automation influence the labor market?
  7. The effects of switching to a 5-hour workday.
  8. The causes of professional burnout.
  9. Why do architects need to have a strong portfolio when applying for their first job?
  10. How is pandemic influencing the labor market?
  11. The reasons to start working as a freelancer.
  12. The impact of social media on recruiting.
  13. The effects of parents treating their children as friends.
  14. Why do people tend to believe in various conspiracy theories?
  15. The causes of history recurrence.
  16. The outcomes of the Cultural Revolution in China.
  17. Why is it hard to define whether we live in reality or a simulation?
  18. The causes and effects of loneliness.
  19. How does faith relate to reason in medieval philosophies?
  20. Liberal democracy risks.
  21. Why do governments become corrupted?
  22. The long-term impact of fertilizers on the soil.
  23. How does trust influence the country’s economic development?
  24. How do cryptocurrencies influence the global economy?
  25. The impact of monopolies on the market.
  26. The impact of the Sun on life on Earth.
  27. Why is deforestation dangerous?
  28. The relations between poverty and inequality.
  29. Why is the US dollar the world currency?
Synonyms to use instead of common words

πŸ–Š How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay

Writing a cause and effect essay is similar to creating any other academic paper. This process can be split into key milestones so that you can plan your time more effectively. Generally, we can highlight the research, organizational, and writing phases. If you get prepared well, the last stage will be much easier for you. In this section, we will learn how to make the whole process more efficient and less exhausting.

πŸ’­ How to Define a Cause

Before the research part of your writing process, it’d be handy to define all causes of the issue your essay is about. There are various methods to do that. We decided to make it easier for you, so here are two questions you should ask yourself:

  • What are the preconditions of this event?
  • Was it foreseen?

After you answer these questions, you can move on with a more profound research of the topic. There are high chances that you will discover more facts and events that can be put on the list of causes. With those multiple links and interrelations, you can get a bigger image of the issue you’re writing about.

Another crucial moment is to understand the difference between a precondition and a cause. Let’s study the example below:

  • The precondition of WWI was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria on 24 July 1914.
  • There are numerous causes of WWI, but we can generalize them and say it was the increasing amount of minor conflicts between European countries and within them.

If you’re writing about the effects, the process and supporting questions will differ. There can’t be a single cause, so there can’t be a single effect, so be sure to come up with multiple events. Distance yourself from the issue itself and try to take a broader view on things. A technological phenomenon doesn’t necessarily influence this field only. It can impact personal life, the country’s political or economic stability, etc. So, we can define two basic questions here:

  • What are the effects on the particular field?
  • How did this issue influence other spheres?

Speaking of the causes and effects, we should mention that they can be direct and indirect. The relations between the fundamental cause or effect and the issue itself are straightforward. For instance, consuming too much sugar throughout the day will result in feeling thirsty all this time. But it can also be an indirect cause of putting on weight. Why is it an indirect reason? Because this process doesn’t solely depend on overeating sugar. It can also be influenced by the lack of physical activity or sleep. Now, you can see how indirect and direct causes are different. It’s just the same with the effects.

βœ” Cause and Effect Essay Outline

Understanding the cause-and-effect relations between the events is an essential skill for a student of any field. Also, it’s crucial in daily life because it helps us plan and organize our activities. We also need it to become better citizens to comprehend the consequences of our choices in situations starting from voting to littering on the street. The cause and effect essay is one of the assignments that boost this skill and challenge you to become more apparent and more compelling when expressing your opinion.

What makes an excellent cause and effect essay?

One of the crucial things is its structure. The essay may differ in length, considering your task, but its core sectioning remains the same. You can follow a five-paragraph method to understand better what it all is about.

The five-paragraph method means that your essay should consist of an introduction, a three-paragraph main body, and a conclusion. This is a perfect formula for an essay under 1000 words. There are numerous tips on how to write the beginning and the ending of your writing piece. Here are some worth keeping in mind foremost:

  • Start by getting the reader involved in the context. The first sentences of your essay should present the situation the core event is related to.
  • Use a compelling thesis statement. A thesis statement is an integral part of your writing; it’s, basically, the essence of the issue you’re talking about. Being weak, it can affect the overall impression of your essay.
  • Don’t duplicate your introduction. The conclusion should restate and reconsider your former thoughts. But it should be a simply rewritten introduction.

An excellent structure is essential, but it doesn’t make your essay stand out. It’s instead a tool that helps organize your thoughts and collected data. What can help then? Choosing an engaging topic can turn writing a regular task into an absorbing adventure. If you are not into the subject of your composition, it’s hard to achieve success in creating it.

If you’re free to choose any topic you like, pick the one related to the issue you care about. It can be a political event, social phenomenon, or a daily life matter. In other cases, when you have to choose a topic related to a specific field, try to select the one that seems the most challenging for you. Often, these appear to be too complicated and tedious at first, but they encourage you to make lots of incredible discoveries later.

However, no matter how excellent the topic and structure are, there are a few things that can make your essay lose many points.

Look what they are:

  • Zero-interest. Nothing will ever work out if you aren’t interested in it. You should be fully engaged in the topic to create a worthy writing piece.
  • Lack of research. Your thesis statement can be strong, but it always needs to be supported by compelling facts and related investigations.
  • Style inconsistency. Using colloquial words alongside some sophisticated vocabulary makes your writing piece look unconvincing.

Now, how to turn these weaknesses into solid points?

The very first thing is being eager to investigate the chosen topic. Your passion is the key to success! But how to deal with the subjects you’re simply not into? Here, it will be beneficial to know how your brain works. It likes challenges, so if you chose something that seems complicated at first, the chances are that you will be satisfied with the final result. Not only will you learn something new, but you also get a feeling of accomplishment and the rise of confidence.

Secondly, consider research as 65% of your essay assignment. Start working on it by collecting all the related data, checking similar works, and analyzing popular opinions on the issue you discuss. It will be particularly advantageous to fill your writing with citations from reliable sources.

After finishing the research work and drafting your essay, check its style. Replace weak words with more academic equivalents. Also, try to exclude repeating words and use their synonyms instead. Here is a list of synonyms for some common words you may encounter in each essay:

  • Interesting – engaging, curious, absorbing, captivating, thought-provoking, stimulating, entertaining;
  • Big – huge, considerable, extensive, massive, enormous;
  • Many – numerous, a great deal of, countless, multiple;
  • Useful – beneficial, handy, practical, utilitarian, applicable, advantageous;
  • Important – significant, notable, major, main, key, chief, principal, crucial, essential;
  • Difficult – challenging, complex, complicated, burdensome, demanding, tough;
  • Boring – dull, uneventful, lifeless, mundane, prosaic, routine, lame;
  • Good – satisfactory, excellent, superb, superior, first-rate;
  • Other – extra, additional, supplementary, further;
  • New – up to date, state-of-the-art, present-day, current, advanced.

These words will improve the overall quality of your essay and also make it sound more compelling. What’s more, each of them has its own nuances of meaning, so that they describe subjects more specifically.

πŸ“ Cause and Effect Essay Examples

If you’re struggling writing a cause and effect essay, it can be helpful to check out a good example. Below, you can find a well-written piece of writing with a clear introduction, main body sectioning, and conclusion. Use it as a source of inspiration when structuring your essay.

Assignzen cause and effect essay sample introduction

As you can see in this example, the first two paragraphs are introductory. We can also assume that the sentence ‘In these regards, the 20th century could be characterized by…‘ in the second paragraph is a thesis statement. It’s a central thought that the author develops in the essay.

Assignzen cause and effect essay sample introduction main body
assignzen cause and effect essay sample main body
Assignzen cause and effect essay sample main body
Assignzen cause and effect essay sample main body

The eight paragraphs above belong to the main body part. The author discusses the results of the civil rights movement and how it contributed to the formation of Black Nationalism. To make the transitions between paragraphs smooth, the writer uses linking words and phrases.

Assignzen cause and effect essay sample conclusion

Finally, the conclusion restates the thesis statement of this essay. We can see that the author comes to the idea that the changes in African-American people’s mentality may be dangerous and radical. This particular thought corresponds with the last sentence of the second introductory paragraph.

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