80 Good Cause and Effect Essay Topics – Students’ Choice

cause and effect essay topics

A quick recipe: take a problem. Use deductive reasoning. Find its causes and effects. Mix it all up. And voila - you will get a good cause and effect essay topic.

A quicker recipe: choose a good idea from the cause and effect essay topics list below.

Think Positive

Cause and Effect Essay Topics: Think Positive!

Here are ready-to-use cause and effect essay prompts:

  • Optimism boosts immunity.
  • Smiling helps the body release endorphins and reduce pain.
  • Breastfeeding prevents allergies in babies.
  • Living with pets improves their owners’ health.
  • Solar and wind power can solve the coal problem.
  • Music affects athletes’ performance.
  • International agreements can stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons.
  • Bicycle use helps reduce air pollution.
  • Social media can be good for communication skills.
  • Cell phone use improves family relations.
Focus on the causes

Not so optimistic, but still pretty good cause and effect essay topics:

  • The causes of divorce: immaturity and poor communication
  • The causes of obesity: lack of physical activity and poor eating habits
  • The causes of a failed course: lack of time and health issues
  • The causes of hunger in poor regions: overpopulation and inefficient agriculture
  • The causes of stress: poor time management and lack of support
  • The causes of cancer: heredity, polluted environment, and unhealthy eating
  • The causes of bullying in schools: lack of confidence and family issues
  • The causes of anorexia: body image distortion and media coverage
  • The causes of the Arab Spring: corruption and human rights violations
  • The causes of the French Revolution: social inequality, deregulation, and hunger
  • The causes of World War I: imperialism, militarism, and nationalism
  • The causes of the Great Depression: stock market crash and bank failures
  • The causes of illegal immigration: unemployment and human rights violations
  • The causes of global warming: carbon dioxide emissions from transport, agriculture, and energy industries

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Focus on the effects

If you’d love to shift the emphasis to the effects in your essay, here you go:

  • The effects of emotional eating: being overweight and eating more
  • The effects of online dating: poor communication and lack of commitment
  • The effects of social media: three-minute attention span and information sharing
  • The effects of regular exercise: better mood and improved health
  • The effects of close family relations: confidence and excellent performance in school and at work
  • The effects of abortion: reproduction problems and psychological concerns
  • The effects of violent video games: aggression and conflict
  • The effects of credit culture: debt, dependence, and stress
  • The effects of junk food: lack of energy and obesity
  • The effects of living with a roommate: empathy and improved time management
  • The effects of peer pressure: social alienation and negative behavior
Logical chains

And here go some logical chains, which might become great cause and effect essay topics as well (note that arrows (→) mean causal relations):

  • Urbanization → noise pollution → stress
  • Gun abuse → media coverage → crimes are seen as fast routes to fame
  • Illegal downloading → declining DVD sales → higher prices on DVDs
  • Globalization → worldwide financial markets → higher competition
  • Information revolution → more inventions → e-waste
  • E-waste → pollution → more inventions needed
  • Cheating on exams → lack of skills → unemployment
  • Microclimate in class → improved performance → higher confidence
  • Stress → emotional eating → overweight → more stress
  • No Child Left Behind → stressed teachers → stressed students
Topics about smoking

One of the most popular topics to write about is tobacco. So what could you discuss in your cause and effect essay on smoking?

  • Many people, especially teenagers, pick up smoking because of peer pressure.
  • Cigarette and tobacco advertising is strongly linked to society’s levels of tobacco consumption.
  • People who have a smoking authority figure in their lives (for instance, a parent) are far more likely to begin smoking later in life.
  • Nicotine makes smokers energized for a short while but then makes them tired, increases their risk of eye problems, and weakens their senses of smell and taste.
  • Smoking is extremely harmful to one’s lungs and is one of the leading causes of lung cancer.
  • Second-hand smoking is equally damaging, especially to the health of smokers’ children who are regularly exposed to cigarette smoke.
  • Smoking negatively affects a smoker’s cardiovascular, digestive, and reproductive systems.
  • Babies born to smoking mothers are more likely to have low birth weight and experience birth defects and even sudden infant death syndrome.
  • Quitting smoking can help smokers avoid some long-term health risks.

Truly, your opportunities for interesting topics are endless for a cause and effect essay on smoking.

Topics about sports

How about some cause and effect essay topics about sports?

  • Playing team sports can help children develop long-term social skills.
  • Extensive workouts can be damaging to one’s health.
  • Playing sports and exercising help human bodies release hormones that are good for human health.
  • People who regularly engage in some physical activity are more organized and self-disciplined.
  • Technology has significantly impacted how sports events are organized and held.
  • Engaging in high-level professional sports has both positive and negative effects on children.
  • Team leaders have the ability to influence the team’s morale and motivation.
  • Steroids enhance an athlete’s performance but negatively impact their health.
  • Due to globalization, baseball is no longer America’s favorite pastime.
Fun and easy topics

Want to write about something more exciting? Then check out these fun and easy cause and effect essay topics for college students:

  • Explore the causes and effects of playing Candy Crush.
  • Look at the causes of student expulsions from universities.
  • Review the effects of eating only one kind of meal for years.
  • Take a look at the causes and effects of bad hygiene.
  • Consider the causes of students’ unwillingness to get up early in the morning.
  • Examine the consequences of eating in class.
  • Explain what causes college and university students to cheat.
  • Evaluate the factors that have contributed to the rise of online education.
  • Explore the effects of study abroad and language learning.
  • Imagine the consequences of aliens landing in your hometown or on your campus.
  • Review the roots of modern traditions like weddings and graduation ceremonies.
  • Find out why Christmas trees became a symbol of winter holidays.
  • Explore the effects of sleep deprivation, especially in college students.
  • Explain why you chose your university and major.
  • Examine what causes poor performance among your classmates.

You can surely pick something suitable from this list of college cause and effect essay topics.

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