Reflexive Essays vs. Reflective Essays

Reflexive Essays vs. Reflective Essays

Recently, we have heard debates between two students. They were arguing about reflective and reflexive essays and could not decide whether these two essay types mean the same.

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Do not remember what they finally came up to, but we can tell you for sure that reflective essays and reflexive essays are used interchangeably, which confuses students.

Anyway, now you do not have to think whether you have understood the task correctly, since your teacher wants you to write a reflexive essay. And we are going to discuss some basic principles of writing reflexive essays.

✏ Reflexive & Reflective Essays: Samples

📃 The Gist of Writing Reflexive Essays

Your mission is not that complicated indeed. All you have to do is reflect on one of your experiences. It can be whatever comes to your mind, e.g.:

  • A meeting with a person who affected you greatly;
  • A day when you heard someone saying “I love you!” for the first time;
  • A day when you felt really miserable, etc.

Do not panic if you have absolutely no ideas for your reflexive essay. In this case, students just write about their academic experiences like some experience of taking a certain course.

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📝 The Main Rule when Writing a Reflexive Essay

This rule boils down to the fact that a good reflexive essay should include not only details about your experience.

Actually, the teacher will be waiting for an analysis and evaluation of your experience. So, explain what lessons you have learned from this experience and why you believe it is important.

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