515 Powerful Persuasive Speech Topics [2024 Update]

515 Powerful Persuasive Speech Topics [2024 Update]

Do you need a speech to inspire people, strengthen their confidence, or change their minds? Convincing skill is an essential part of a successful debate speaker. Want to dive into this exciting field of knowledge?

So, let’s get down to the business!

The Place4papers analyzed numerous scholarly and professional materials and created this article. Here you will find the following solutions in a brief and well-structured form:

  • How to select the best topic for your persuasive speech
  • List of 500 topics to master your writing skills
  • Structural features of this type of task

Topics, tips, and examples from this tutorial will strengthen your persuasive skills.

Dive in!

✅ How to Choose a Good Persuasive Speech Topic

Would you like to know how to pick an excellent persuasive speech idea for the exact situation?

Depending on the purpose, you should select a particular field of knowledge. You can use the funny, unusual, or easy criteria during brainstorming. This choice narrows down the investigation area significantly.

You need to think about the ideas that reflect your inner state and attitude to the discussed issue. In other words, select the side defending which you feel comfortable.

Of course, the opposite concepts are also applicable. You should prove that your point of view is correct. It also needs to be reliable or solve stated issues.

Try to argue with yourself. It may reveal the audience’s possible attitude towards your opinion. The method helps you to build a strong line of defense and achieve the goal.

Bottom line:

Argumentative speech skill teaches you how to debate or prove any point of view. It helps people solve various life problems. Besides, information delivery becomes more efficient.

4 Steps to an Excellent Speech

🌋 15 Persuasive Speech Topics in 2024

  1. Should humanity be instilled in children?
  2. The problem of endangered species.
  3. Should human genome experimentation be stopped?
  4. Is overpopulation a myth?
  5. Is global warming not problem #1?
  6. Are painkillers good for you?
  7. Businesses and hiring disabled people.
  8. Universities should support students?
  9. Research should be better vetted.?
  10. Are low doses of alcohol harmful?
  11. How important are family traditions?
  12. Should education be accessible?
  13. Influence of the system on education.
  14. Does the church need more power?
  15. Should general control be tightened?

⚖️ Advocacy Speech Topics

What if you want to discuss something interesting? For instance, you found the information in official news sources.

Take a closer look at this section.

The traditional advocacy persuasive speech should not be about something general. You need to discuss a specific problem. However, modern requirements do not prohibit using jokes and acting during your speech.

It is necessary to state a problem and explain its significance. You also need to provide the audience with a legislative solution. Knowing that, check out the following advocacy speech topics we created for you:

  1. The necessity of sex education in middle schools.
  2. More students should consider staying in their home state for university education.
  3. Parents are responsible for healthy habits for their children.
  4. Direct contact between teachers and parents decreases the efficiency of studying for high school students.
  5. Students should pay for parking spots at high school.
  6. Schools should organize after-‘Proms’ celebrations for the safety of students.
  7. Vegan parents should give their children a choice to eat meat.
  8. Economics and marketing classes should provide the students with funding for practical projects.
  9. Uniforms are beneficial for ‘students’ concentration.
  10. Alumna should visit their universities after graduation.
  11. Internships during university years are beneficial for finding a job in the future.
  12. Businesses should provide more work opportunities for the elderly.
  13. Cafes and restaurants need to consider encouraging the customers to bring their cups and mugs.
  14. Plastic straws should be banned on the national level.
  15. Schools should form an exact list of prohibited makeup and hairstyles.
  16. Need for governmental control over garbage recycling.
  17. Martin Luther King’s Day should be a workday.
  18. Age limitations in gaming are not effective.
  19. Learning foreign languages should be mandatory in universities.
  20. Dressing the twins in the same clothes may lead to psychological difficulties.
  21. Mandatory participation in extracurricular activities for school and university students.
  22. Excluding detention from disciplinary measures in high school.
  23. The number of visitors to national parks should be limited.
  24. Working from home can be more efficient than coming to the office.
  25. Maternity and paternity leaves should be extended to two years.

🐂 Persuasive Speech Topics about Animals

Do you like animals and want to protect them?

What are you waiting for?

You may see and meet animals almost everywhere. While some people have them as pets, others prefer watching them in a natural environment. We live on the same planet and need to coexist in harmony.

The Place4papers experts created a list of persuasive speech topics about animals. These ideas reflect modern trends.

Take a look!

  1. Zoo visitors should never feed the animals.
  2. Wild animals are not pets.
  3. If pets are allowed to leave the house, they should be chipped.
  4. People should receive a license before getting a pet.
  5. Adoption should be free of charge.
  6. Zoos should focus on local animals instead of exotic ones.
  7. Animal testing is unavoidable for now in pharmaceuticals.
  8. Some modern animals will not survive without humans.
  9. Direct contact with wild animals is disadvantageous for them.
  10. Genetical experiments with fauna are beneficial for nature.
  11. Humans are superior to other mammals.
  12. Bacteria are the most adopted of existing animals.
  13. Mutations can be positive.
  14. Birds should not be kept as pets.
  15. The government should encourage adoption over purchasing a pet.
  16. Human activities affect whale migration.
  17. Extinction may be a natural process.
  18. Animals are inspiration sources for artists.
  19. Breeding dogs with unnatural features may be hurtful for them.
  20. Interacting with animals is helpful for lonely older people.
  21. A pet should not be a present.
  22. Allergy testing should be necessary for the family members before getting a pet.
  23. Neglecting a pet should lead be punished by law.
  24. More hotels should allow bringing a pet.

👔 Business Persuasive Speech Topics

Are you interested in the current labor market or want to improve various business mechanisms?

You have selected the correct section!

Here we offer you plenty of business-related ideas to discuss. These topics are about career ladders, employers vs. employees relationships, company management, etc. With good persuasive speech topics from the following list, you may create a motivational and robust paper.

  1. Companies should create a relaxing atmosphere for their workers.
  2. Groups in organizations: motivational theories.
  3. Firms may need to provide babysitting services to their employees.
  4. Minimal lunchtime should be an hour.
  5. Businesses should switch to biweekly salary payments.
  6. Four-day workweeks may be beneficial for the businesses.
  7. Management has to put less pressure on workers when organizing corporate events.
  8. Businesses need to consider the informal dress code.
  9. Employees should be paid for several days of volunteering per year.
  10. A horizontal structure is more useful for modern business than the vertical one.
  11. Open workspace may be uncomfortable for some employees.
  12. Social networks should be allowed in the office.
  13. The career ladder should be transparent.
  14. Regular competency tests should be mandatory for employees and management.
  15. The salaries of the executive team should be transparent.
  16. Probation periods should be paid the same as regular work.
  17. The government should simplify the small business creation process.
  18. Minors should be allowed to work full-time if that is necessary for their family survival.
  19. Pregnant women should be allowed to work for as long as they can perform their duties.
  20. Businesses should focus on the work results as opposed to hours.
  21. Working overtime should be an employee’s choice and never the result of managerial pressure.
  22. Companies should pay their employees’ education if it is necessary for their career progress.
  23. Large corporations should hire a medical specialist to be present in the office.
  24. Firms should provide computers for their employees.
  25. Businesses need to pay for taxis if their workers have to commute to/from dangerous areas.
  26. Commuting time should be included in work hours.

⛪ Christian Persuasive Speech Topics

Do you have an open mind and evaluate the incoming information before announcing your opinion?

That is what you are looking for:

The Bible has been translated into numerous languages worldwide. Besides, the Word of God has various interpretations. You need to be ready to argue about other religions and understand their features.

These topics allow your audience to take a look at Christianity and its reflection. Feel free to create an encouraging speech based on the ideas from the following list:

  1. The Bible does not contradict modern science.
  2. God encourages sex in marriage.
  3. People should be baptized when they are consciously aware of the procedure.
  4. Sunday school should be mandatory for all local Christian children.
  5. The Bible study needs to be considered as an elective school subject.
  6. Churches should offer both contemporary and traditional services.
  7. The Old Testament is important for understanding modern Christianity.
  8. Christianity and Islam have common points.
  9. Diverse interpretations do not change the essence of the Bible.
  10. Women play an important role in Christianity.
  11. The Bible does not encourage waiting for help passively.
  12. Missionary can be a full-time job.
  13. Christianity does not discourage art.
  14. God’s word encourages a healthy lifestyle.
  15. Prayers are beneficial for psychological health.
  16. Pets will not go to Heaven after death.
  17. Atheists may know the Bible better than Christians.
  18. Drinking wine may have hygienic reasons in the Bible.
  19. Formally following the Christian traditions does not guarantee a place in Heaven.
  20. Criminals may be Christians.
  21. Allowing religious books in the army is beneficial.
  22. The Bible does not encourage house violence.
  23. Jesus Christ was more influential politically than Jesus Barabbas.
  24. The Bible does not support gluttony.
  25. The Word of God should be taught differently for various ages.

🌱 Environmental Persuasive Speech Topics

How about investigating the ideas that governments of various countries actively discuss?

So, let’s get down to business.

These topics make it possible to argue about global concepts which concern each of us. We get plenty of information about recycling, global warming, green energy, chemicals in our food, and nuclear technologies from daily news sources.

All of the following topics cover the current environmental problems. Furthermore, the response you may get from the audience can help you improve your solution to the stated issues.

  1. Humans may not be a deciding factor in global warming.
  2. Recycling should be prioritized over burring the garbage.
  3. Global warming, its causes, and potential solutions.
  4. Kindergartens need to implement gardening activities in their programs.
  5. Environmental education should be mandatory at schools.
  6. The government should support the single standard of device chargers to avoid unnecessary waste.
  7. Solar panels are currently not ecologically friendly due to their components.
  8. Deliberate throwing of garbage on the ground should be punished by law.
  9. Clocks and timers in the bathroom may decrease the shower time.
  10. Environmental volunteering needs to be included in university programs.
  11. The government should encourage gardening among the general population.
  12. Nuclear energy is still necessary for human society.
  13. It is the government’s responsibility to make recycling convenient for the population.
  14. Big companies must be transparent about their production process.
  15. Chain restaurants should optimize their food waste on a daily basis.
  16. The government should encourage people to use personal bottles for drinking water.
  17. Garbage separation may not be ecologically safe for local areas.
  18. Showers are more efficient in saving water than bathtubs.
  19. Chemical cleaning detergents are harmful to the atmosphere and people.
  20. Using plastic cups and plates may be necessary during the pandemic.
  21. Shaming people for wearing the same clothes two days in a row is harmful to the environment.
  22. Consumerism should be discouraged on the national level.
John Powell quote
  1. Promoting local farming is good for business and the environment.
  2. Organic food and beverages should be served in plastic.
  3. Free water should be served on-demand in restaurants and cafes.
  4. Hotels should provide disposable toiletries upon request.

🍔 Persuasive Speech Topics about Food

Would you like to talk about such a familiar yet complex part of our daily lives as food?

Keep reading, and you will get fresh ideas!

People created numerous diets, consumption etiquette, cuisines, and restrictions related to this concept. There are plenty of temporary problems that humanity should solve. Now, you may discuss these ideas by selecting one of the following persuasive speech topics about food:

  1. Chain cafes and restaurants should not add sugar to beverages by default.
  2. The government should support private farming more.
  3. Vitamins and protein shakes do not replace traditional healthy meals.
  4. Artificial meat may solve famine problems in developing countries.
  5. Meal replacements may do more harm than good.
  6. Pure sugar is not needed in balanced eating.
  7. Salads have different nutritional values.
  8. Breakfast preferences are heavily influenced by society.
  9. Schools and universities should encourage students to avoid food wasting.
  10. The government should implement lessons about healthy food into the ‘schools’ programs.
  11. Diet changes need to be discussed with a professional before implementation.
  12. Multivitamins are not beneficial for everyone.
  13. The government should develop guidelines regarding healthy food recommendations.
  14. Mono diets are never a good idea for healthy people.
  15. Drinking red wine is beneficial for older people.
  16. Chain stores should stop promoting the consumption of perfectly-looking fruits only.
  17. Kopi luwak can be easily replaced.
  18. Alcohol effects may be exaggerated.
  19. Eating animal protein at high altitudes may be harmful to consumers.
  20. Vending machines at schools should sell fruits.
  21. Peanut butter should be prohibited at schools due to allergies.
  22. Salads may be less healthy than meat and fish dishes.
  23. Quail eggs are overpriced in the US.
  24. Food aphrodisiacs often have a placebo effect.
  25. Brown sugar is not healthier than white ones.
  26. Medieval diet differs significantly from modern food consumption.

🙋‍♀️♀ Feminism Persuasive Speech Topics

Do you agree that we have something to improve in the modern world?

That’s what we have prepared for you!

Humans have come a long way towards current society. People figured out how to modify the land to make it beneficial. We invented numerous things that enhanced the quality of our lives. The social structure also got some changes. Feminism is one of them.

The concept states that all genders are socially, economically, and politically equal. You may create a feminist persuasive speech that encourages other people to think about positive improvements in society. Feel free to write the gender equality persuasive speech with the following topics:

  1. Physically demanding jobs should require equal testing for all gender.
  2. Mass media should consider more unisex content.
  3. Holidays specifically for men and women are outdated.
  4. All ballet dancers should wear gender-neutral professional clothes.
  5. The government should consider removing information about gender from citizen’s passports.
  6. Prohibiting showing women’s breasts in public is a social construct.
  7. True feminism is not about suppressing men’s rights.
  8. Traditional chivalry may coexist with feminism.
  9. Clubs and bars should stop free entrance for ladies.
  10. Female soccer players should receive the same financial funding and training as male ones.
  11. Myths and stereotypes of feminism.
  12. Skirts and dresses should become unisex clothes.
  13. Men in the hospitality industry should be required to use cosmetic procedures if needed.
  14. All family members should perform the same amount of housework.
  15. The aim of feminism in the 21st century.
  16. Gender reveal parties should use letters instead of colors.
  17. Father-to-be must attend paternity psychological courses.
  18. Fathers should be encouraged to stay with their wives during childbirth.
  19. What exactly are the definition and characteristics of feminism in modern society.
  20. Mrs. Claus can deliver presents instead of Santa.
  21. All jobs’ names should be gender-neutral.
  22. Employers have to pay more attention to the male candidates’ physical shape.
  23. The media should try adult male beauty pageants.
  24. Female sumo wrestlers should be paid the same as males.
  25. Women’s rights need to be promoted until they become equal to men’s.
  26. It was important to start calling tropical storms by male names.
  27. Women’s liberation movement evolution in the US.
  28. There should be no gender-specific jobs, education, and responsibilities.

🎵 Persuasive Speech about Music: Ideas for Students

Are you listen to music every day? How does it affect us and the surrounding world?

Think about this.

Music accompanies humanity throughout almost entire history. You may produce this phenomenon with only your body and without any tools or instruments if needed. The accessibility makes it possible to produce and spread this art all over the planet.

The cultural concept grew at the state when people were required to define music genres. That happened because it became difficult to navigate in such a wide art sphere. Pick the best persuasive speech topic about the music from the following list:

  1. Not all Rock and Metal music is aggressive.
  2. Classical music positively affects growing plants.
  3. Musical routines help to organize children.
  4. Mainstream Rap music does not show real experience in most cases.
  5. Club culture slows down music evolution.
  6. Musical education should be mandatory in elementary schools.
  7. Online music performances may increase artists’ income from a long-term perspective.
  8. The government should not censor private music producers.
  9. Schools’ and universities’ orchestras should play music at a greeting every morning before classes start.
  10. Classical music is helpful when studying.
  11. Progressive metal may be as complex as the symphonic orchestra.
  12. Preferred music does not always correspond with the public image of a person.
  13. Upbeat music supports longer workouts.
  14. Music may be helpful for depression treatment.
  15. Deaf people can feel the music and rhythm.
  16. Animal sounds should not be considered music.
  17. Not all people can experience frisson when listening to music.
  18. Listening to loud music may cause permanent hearing damage.
  19. There is no music taste, just personal preferences.
  20. Life concerts provide worse sound than studio records.
  21. Sound depends on the musician’s skills more than the instruments.
  22. Lip-sync has positive sides for both audience and the singer.
  23. Singing without skills still has a therapeutic effect.
  24. Being an opera singer is physically demanding.
  25. Overplaying the songs decreases their popularity.

💼 Political Persuasive Speech Topics

What do you think about the current political situation in your region or the entire country? Would you like to improve any government mechanisms?

Then take a look here:

We formed a list of topics about modern political life. These ideas reflect the political concepts incorporated into our lives.

You face these problems daily. Scan through the following pack of political persuasive speech topics and choose the best ideas:

  1. Information-sharing policies in security agencies.
  2. Voting for the local politicians should take place online.
  3. President should only work in the White House, not live there.
  4. Free university education is the government’s responsibility.
  5. American electoral college system.
  6. Presidential candidates should have military experience.
  7. Universal healthcare should be a primary goal for the US government.
  8. The presidential family should not be involved in politics.
  9. Military service should be mandatory for all genders.
  10. Presidential debates should be replaced by personal interviews with political experts.
  11. Politicians should not have personal social network profiles.
  12. President should be elected from one of the regional governments.
  13. Unifying religious and secular powers is dangerous.
  14. Politicians should clearly state their program in the checklist form and highlight their progress toward solving each problem.
  15. Politicians should use public transportation and medical services.
  16. Charity activities should be mandatory for politicians.
  17. The US needs to step away from the two-party political system.
  18. Social identities and citizenship politics in Canada.
  19. The daily presidential schedule should include physical activities.
  20. Ministers must have a degree in their field.
  21. A presidential candidate should have experience in managing large groups of people.
  22. Political education should be mandatory in high school.
  23. Politicians must show high ethical standards during their terms.
  24. President and vice president should belong to different political parties.
  25. Democratic stability and political culture.
  26. Minors should not be allowed to attend political rallies.
  27. Elected politicians should be responsible for fulfilling their campaign promises.
  28. Government representatives should consider meeting science and technology leaders in person.
  29. Federalism and US Supreme Court.

✨ Psychology Persuasive Speech Topics

What if you can analyze people’s actions from a psychological point of view?

Here’s the deal:

Today humanity has realized the necessity to increase our knowledge in psychology. It affects our lives constantly and almost everywhere. Media, grocery stores, politics, economics, and other spheres may also be evaluated from the psychological perspective.


The following topics may help you open some people’s eyes to the problems they have noticed but never thought about the significance. Here is the list of psychology persuasive speech ideas:

  1. Shooter computer games may help overcome post-traumatic syndrome efficiently.
  2. There is no direct connection between violent computer games and criminal behavior.
  3. Too much creativity may be harmful to process efficiency.
  4. Origami may teach children task completion.
  5. Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy.
  6. Formal clothes force people to create an alternative behavior model.
  7. Violent movies and computer games will not affect children if parents explain their context to children.
  8. Pets in the office may significantly reduce employees’ stress.
  9. Singing classes may increase self-esteem.
  10. Prohibitions do not work.
  11. Most Marvel superheroes cannot be good role models because they got powers for nothing.
  12. Parents should spend more time explaining to their children how to overcome difficult situations.
  13. The availability of numerous professional online courses for beginners leads high drop-out rate.
  14. Teaching with games cannot entirely replace traditional education.
  15. Psychological problems are not an excuse for rude behavior.
  16. Punctuality may affect people’s career success.
  17. Too active children may not have any mental issues.
  18. Parents should get a pet to teach their children responsibility.
  19. Playing music may increase children’s concentration skills.
  20. Resistant people do not understand addictions.
  21. Dancing classes positively affect self-esteem.
  22. Physical punishments do not work; they may only damage the mental state of both the initiator and target.
  23. Schools should consider turning on chillout music during breaks for stress relief.
  24. Daily assemblies may help employees feel more useful for the organization.
  25. People should not cover up their laziness with burnout at work.
  26. Collective homework may be psychologically more efficient for children than the traditional one.
  27. The overabundance of psychologists leads to self-centered people number increase.
  28. Doctors should prescribe prescript sedatives only when there are no other solutions.
  29. The brain does not rest in clubs and bars.
  30. Schools should teach students to accept and analyze negative answers.
  31. Toy toddler does not teach students responsibility.

📱 Persuasive Speech Topics on Social Media

Do you have an account on at least one social network?

Probably, yes.

That means you have experienced its influence. People use social media as workplaces, ad platforms, portfolios, and communication tools. These web solutions occupy plenty of aspects of people’s lives. As significant and complex constructs, social networks produce negative effects.

What’s the bottom line?

The topic is complicated and interesting to discuss. Check out these persuasive speech topics on social media:

  1. Social networks produce a fake image of reality for some people.
  2. Opinion leaders should not be allowed to recommend anything without appropriate certification.
  3. Social media effects on self-esteem.
  4. Social media should offer relevant information to a user.
  5. Social and personal media shaping communication.
  6. Employers should not consider the candidates’ social media activity as positive or negative factors during the interview.
  7. Social networks should accompany the political videos with disclaimers about the respect and possibility of the opposite point of view.
  8. Social media advocate procrastination.
  9. Schools should teach students how to use social media civilized.
  10. The government should prohibit celebrities from swearing on social networks.
  11. Social networks should not pay money for content.
  12. After registration, the user’s page in a social network should be invisible to the internet with an option to make it visible.
  13. Social media should state the “opinion leader” term in the privacy policy and clarify their responsibilities.
  14. Social networks should not decide what is fake and what is true.
  15. Social networks should make the blocking policy more specific.
  16. Toxic behavior on social media should obey real-life laws.
  17. Social networks should have an option to disable face recognition on photos.
  18. Politicians should not be allowed to post anything except official statements on social networks during their terms.
  19. It should be possible to create a social media account for children only from the parents’ ones.
  20. The government should prohibit social media from using the intellectual property of users for ads.
  21. Politicians should be responsible for the official statements on social networks by law.
  22. People should be allowed to hide all the personal information from their pages on social networks.
  23. Social media platforms should punish users for unreasonable complaints and intolerable behavior equally with bloggers.
  24. The social network activity should be considered separately from the person’s real-life behavior.
  25. Facebook privacy and advertising policy.
  26. Social networks may have more negative consequences than watching television.
  27. Paid access to social media may be a good alternative to sending sensitive users’ private data to third-parties.
  28. The government should increase control of donations for both the influencers and users.
  29. Recommendations related to political topics should be moved to a separate section.

⚽ Sports Persuasive Essay Topics

Are you an active person? Have you ever tried to motivate people to make positive changes in various aspects of human life related to sports?

Sports ended up as a huge and complex phenomenon. It includes biology, chemistry, economics, and many other spheres of knowledge.


The topic is rich in problems and possible solutions and is widely discussing. Check out the following list of ideas for the best paper:

  1. Fitness instructors should encourage beginners to limit their motivation from the start to avoid unnecessary injuries.
  2. All sports instructors should have related education or certification.
  3. Sports classes should be mandatory at schools and universities.
  4. The government should support sports organizations in providing free lessons.
  5. The coach should explain to parents the potential adverse effects of sports on their children’s health.
  6. College athlete compensation controversy.
  7. Swimming may be a safe alternative to train people with joint problems.
  8. Politicians and stars should explain to people that any regular physical activity may be considered a sport.
  9. The government should discuss with athletes, develop, and apply universal unisex sports clothes design.
  10. Yoga promoters should stop advertising expensive clothes.
  11. Self-defense martial arts should not be competitive.
  12. Sports with pets may improve the results.
  13. Symmetrical sports are beneficial for young athletes.
  14. All baseball players should be wearing helmets at all times.
  15. Eating fiber-rich foods may cause problems for long-distance runners before the race.
  16. Team sports may improve one’s social skills.
  17. Martial arts are an effective strategy for anger control.
  18. Swimming is beneficial for people with ADHD.
  19. Sports professionals should be disqualified for aggressive behavior after the competition.
  20. Aikido develops self-defense skills useful in daily life.
  21. Virtual reality may help to diversify cardio training.
  22. Professional athletes should publicly commit to nationally accepted moral standards.
  23. Sports careers should not provide additional benefits in the academic field.
  24. The government should encourage TV channels to show commercials about local sports organizations during the appropriate events.
  25. Each president of the US should announce their favorite sports and popularize them during the term.
  26. Professional athletes should partake in charity.
  27. Chess should not be considered a sport.
  28. Athletes should not drink alcohol during the training seasons.

👍 Unusual Persuasive Essay Topics

Are you looking for unusual problems that need to be solved as soon as possible?

Check out the current section!

Our world produces plenty of uncommon issues that people may or not notice. These problems can be serious but unnoticeable because of their rarity. To help you find the best solutions, we created the following list of unusual persuasive essay topics:

  1. Geology may be a good career choice for an introvert.
  2. Consuming energy drinks is less beneficial for a cyber athlete than healthy sleeping habits.
  3. Ice fishing is a good choice for a school field trip.
  4. All charity activities should be performed incognito.
  5. Homeschooling is more expensive than other education options.
  6. The images of the early Disney princesses are outdated today.
  7. Unnatural facial expressions in dancing should be prohibited for professional competitors.
  8. Bright school uniforms could increase students’ self-esteem.
  9. Every westerner should study an Asian language at school.
  10. People from different parts of the world have similar legends and fairy tales.
  11. Eco-activists need to focus on water filtering systems rather than consumption limits.
  12. The prime reason for volunteering abroad is not charity.
  13. Wombat is one of the most hospitable animals on Earth.
  14. Martial arts can help prevent flat feet.
  15. Children should be offered a list of fitting sports based on their physical parameters.
  16. Gymnasts and dancers need to take a makeup course.
  17. Not all homeless people want to be saved.
  18. Dealerships should consider additional requirements for obtaining sports cars as oppose to regular vehicles.
  19. Blond hair may be a disadvantage in competitive belly dancing.
  20. Studying world history from a neutral standpoint is nearly impossible.
  21. Loud music and uncomfortable furniture in fast-food restaurants serve a practical business purpose.
  22. Nobody sees and feels the world the same.
  23. Feeding wild animals may lead to them forgetting how to provide food for themselves.
  24. Renewable energy generation, application, impacts.
  25. Unconditional income will not make people happy.
  26. Celebrities and the working class have similar problems.
  27. Airlines after the deregulation act of 1978.
  28. Entrepreneurship is not the best choice for everyone.

😊 Easy Persuasive Speech Topics

What if you would like to discuss something straightforward that does not require in-depth research?

You are in the right place.

Here we put together a pack of easy persuasive speech topics. The topics from this section are precise enough for almost all age groups. Feel free to use them for training persuasive speech skills.

  1. Governments should design and promote the set of international etiquette rules.
  2. Human bodies need all nutrients in moderation.
  3. Learning technology in education.
  4. Cold-training is mostly beneficial for healthy people.
  5. Short but regular learning sessions are more useful for long-term studying than irregular ones.
  6. Travelling can be used as a method to avoid seasonal allergies.
  7. Celebrities will not be famous and successful without an audience.
  8. Educational cartoons are more useful for small children than traditional illustrated teaching materials.
  9. Traditional tourism does not form a real picture of the observed country.
  10. It is possible to become a celebrity in almost any profession today.
  11. Modeling positive affects fine motor skills.
  12. Brushing teeth after breakfast keeps them clean longer than after waking up.
  13. A sphynx cat may be a good option as a pet for children prone to allergies.
  14. People suffering from depression do not always appear sad or melancholic.
  15. Lollypops or sunflower seeds can help overcome smoking habits.
  16. Practice without observation may be beneficial in a lack of time.
  17. Regular visits to beauty salons may be beneficial for business people of all genders.
  18. Schools’ and universities’ traditional grade system is not an efficient motivator anymore.
  19. Realistic CGI does not replace the impression from real actors’ play if the audience knows about the substitution.
  20. Not all bloggers are influencers.
  21. A successful sports career is not an excuse for extra benefits in common life.
  22. News creates a fake feeling of involvement in the global processes.
  23. Highly unlikely that violent content may provoke mentally stable people to commit a crime.
  24. Professionalism and predictable behavior are more valuable features in science than genius.
  25. Humanity still needs competitive sports as a replacement for ancient lifestyle activities.
  26. Binge-watching does not substitute traditional content consumption.
  27. Governments should encourage tourists to pass basic tests about target countries’ etiquette and traditions.
  28. Political debates do not provide voters with politicians’ programs.
  29. Popularity does not necessarily mean good for everyone.
  30. The government should work on the clear introduction of the remote work concept for the elderly.
  31. Extreme sports should be accessible only for people who passed special introductory tutorials.

🤣 Funny Topics to Argue About

Are you looking for amusing ideas for your persuasive speech?

We have something to offer.

The topics from this section may create entertaining and interesting discussions. It will be more fun if you do it with a serious expression. Accompany your speech about the significance of the problem with visual materials.

However, you need to take into account that the offered solutions should really solve the issues. With some acting, the discussion may become even more exciting. Check out the following list of fun persuasive speech topics:

  1. Urine does not help to heal the jellyfish sting.
  2. Airplanes were designed for small people advantage.
  3. Bananas may be hallucinogenic.
  4. Wearing brand clothes does not lead to success.
  5. Caterpillars in the salad are a sign of its quality.
  6. Electric bikes in Thailand have to be monkey-proofed.
  7. Spinach does not add strength.
  8. Hedgehogs’ main diet is not limited to fruits.
  9. There is no mystery behind some mushrooms growing in circles.
  10. Teachers should start using memes in their lessons to grab students’ attention.
  11. Swallowing chewing gum is not nearly as harmful as parents tell their children.
  12. Uniqueness is not always beneficial.
  13. Stand-up comics’ speeches may be used as a worldwide political situation description.
  14. The killer whale has an unfitting name.
  15. Modern A.I. systems are not intelligent enough to capture the world.
  16. People insisting on the rejection of consumerism should stop using smart devices and expensive merchandise to promote their views.
  17. Mastering programming in a few months from level zero is nearly impossible.
  18. Ig Nobel Prize is scientific.
  19. Short stature may be advantageous in public transportation.
  20. Earl Grey tea tastes better with lemon than milk.
  21. Expensive foods are not always tasty.
  22. It is doubtful that that appropriate suit would make one a superhero.
  23. Cats prefer boxes regardless of their sizes.
  24. Placing the learning materials in the bathroom has a positive effect.
  25. Learning a language with Duolingo may be as effective as school classes.
  26. Cat food can be beneficial for humans.
  27. Animals may become high or drunk in their natural habitat.
  28. A free public toilet should become a good tradition worldwide.
  29. Glasses make people more trustworthy.
  30. Bald people should protect their scalp more than those with hair.
  31. Frozen food has an expiration date.
  32. Cats can be as loyal as dogs.
  33. UFOs do not always imply extraterrestrial life.

📚 Persuasive Topics for High School

Are you close to finish school and proceed to the next phase of your life?

So, let’s get to business.

At this study level, you probably have a persuasive speech experience. You need this skill to be able to overcome various life challenges and convince other people of the correctness of your ideas. To master this skill, you may need some fresh serious high school persuasive essay topics to discuss.

Here they are:

  1. Schools should work more on explaining to students the toxic behavior harm, causes, and effects.
  2. Parents should partake in short volunteering activities during semesters to encourage students to be responsible for themselves.
  3. World War II and the US participation.
  4. Student medic teams should become common for school events.
  5. Educational institutions should teach students about time management from elementary school.
  6. College education and its value nowadays.
  7. Small tests and quizzes after each lesson are more beneficial than traditional ones in the long term.
  8. Official literature educational programs should include more modern authors.
  9. Global warming is not the result of human activity only.
  10. Schools should teach high school students how to analyze the labor market.
  11. Enhancing the performance of students.
  12. Low-graders’ shaming does not motivate them to study harder.
  13. Sports competitions during school years should only be allowed during weekends for athletes.
  14. Schools should implement political lessons into the schedule.
  15. The lessons of economics should equally discuss the stories of business success and failure.
  16. Students should have a choice whether to use paintbrushes or digital design tools during art classes.
  17. Teachers should encourage students to perform all mathematical calculations both manually and with digital devices’ help.
  18. Educational institutions should promote a healthy lifestyle more.
  19. Students should be allowed to paint graffiti on all outdoor schools’ surfaces after discussion and agreement with the management.
  20. Schools need to explain to students of all grades the number of people and resources involved in services around them.
  21. Students should have an opportunity to try various school professions during their study.
  22. P.E. classes should include self-defense tutorials for students.
  23. Math teachers should discuss the ideas of solving complicated problems with the whole class before and after examinations.
  24. Differentiated instructions in the middle school classroom.
  25. Discussions or lessons starting from the middle school about reasonable critical thinking may be beneficial for students.
  26. Learning how to take notes in high school will be helpful in college.
  27. Integration of technology into the studying process is more effective than prohibiting it.
  28. Students should be able to test out of any mandatory classes.
  29. Every student should participate in routine school cleaning.
  30. School improvement projects suggested by students should be considered by the management team.
  31. Every debate competitor should complete a course of ethics before joining the club.
  32. All teachers should have open-door policies during their office hours.
  33. Teachers should consult with students’ parents before offering sweets and snacks as an award.

👉🏽 Persuasive Speech Tips

Picked the best topic and would like to turn it into a good persuasive speech?

Then let’s go.

For a smoother writing process, define three main points before you start the speech creation. Here is the basic structure of this type of text:

Persuasive Speech Structure

‘Let’s dive into the details:

The introduction allows the audience to understand whether your topic is interesting and convincing enough. The greeting (the first element of the introduction) does not require anything special. It can be like: “Good day. My name is Simon.”

Then, you need a hook sentence that grabs attention. It can be humorous if the instructor allows that. For example, your topic is: “Active lifestyle is good for human health.” These are possible hooks:

  • What exactly is the active lifestyle?
  • Would you consider yourself an active person?
  • Being active does not necessarily mean visiting the gym several times a week.

For a more compelling hook sentence, you may provide some supporting links to the appropriate scientific studies to credible sources. You grabbed attention and are ready to proceed to the next step.

And here it is:

The issue definition allows you to announce the problem. Check out the following example:

Issue Definition Example

As you may notice, the sentence includes all three main points, does not repeat the topic, and states the problem.

What is next?

Do not forget to announce the solution. You need to include this part in the introduction. It finalizes the initial image of the future discussion. Besides, this text prepares the audience for the information in the text’s body. The section can be the following:

Solution Announcement Example

The solution announcement reveals the structure of the main discussion. However, it does not provide any details which you put in the body of your speech. In the example, we added the main points to the issue definition. You may omit them in the introduction. Provide solutions in general terms, and discuss the main points in the speech body.

Check it out!

There are three paragraphs in the body section. Usually, they have a similar structure and include one main point, supporting evidence, and transition sentence for each. With this last passage, you keep the speech flow.

Here you may take a look at possible paragraphs:

  1. Along with the improvement in living standards, there is a decrease in physical activity among residents from wealthy countries that leads to excess weight. Regular decent physical activity doses positively affect long-term weight loss (Obesity and physical activity – National Library of Medicine). However, this is not the only health issue that a modern person may face.
  2. You may hear about the abnormal blood pressure problem from many scientific studies. According to various proven research works, aerobic exercises improve blood pressure if used regularly and in adequate amounts. As you may notice, both mentioned solutions relate to the active lifestyle area of human life.
  3. The last solution is not an exception. It can be counterintuitive; however, walking in the fresh air (especially in the forest) may significantly promote health and restore overall energy reserves. Jogging regularly improves overall quality of life and efficiency.

These are three body paragraphs that include main points. They provide supporting pieces of evidence/solutions and transition sentences. It is also necessary to add references to credible sources that prove the provided information.


The conclusion includes the summary and final statement:

  • The summary provides an overview of the key elements covered by your persuasive speech.
  • The final statement makes the end of your discussion obvious. It encourages the audience to investigate the topic further if they are interested in it.

Knowing that the conclusion of the example speech can be the following:

Speech Conclusion Example

🔥 Conclusion

The Place4papers team appreciates you for reading this detailed article. Here you found plenty of ideas for a strong persuasive speech.


The persuasive speech tips include the following sections:

  • We provide you with a detailed and short structure of this kind of paper.
  • Then, our experts describe how to write an introduction to your speech.
  • After that, you learn how to create body paragraphs.
  • The Place4papers editors also explain how to form a good conclusion.

Feel free to use these well-structured tips as a basis for a new and motivating discussion.

🔗 References