307 Climate Change Essay Topics & Questions to Write about

307 Climate Change Essay Topics & Questions to Write about

Do you remember the wildfire in Canada and the European floods in 2021? It is only a tiny part of the natural response to human-induced climate change. How many natural calamities are there to come in the following years? Although we cannot predict the exact time and place, we know for sure they will happen if we do not stop global warming.

Climate change essay questions for students make you think about the global problems and educate ecology awareness in the young generation. We have chosen the most debatable and exciting climate change topics to write about.

🔝 Top 15 Climate Change Essay Questions

  1. What is the greenhouse effect, and how is it dangerous for the planet?
  2. Which factors affect climate change the most?
  3. Why is biodiversity shrinking every year?
  4. Will climate change make poor African countries even poorer?
  5. Which changes in the atmosphere composition do the greenhouse effect cause?
  6. How has the climate changed in your region over the last century?
  7. Should we stop climate change or adapt to it?
  8. What are the implications of the loss of sea ice?
  9. Do you think large corporations are more responsible for climate change than individuals?
  10. How could social media raise public awareness of climate change?
  11. How does climate change impact our everyday lives?
  12. Does climate change threaten coastal countries the most?
  13. How will air pollution change the lives of the next generations?
  14. Could we change our philosophy to save the Earth?
  15. Is it possible to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere?

📝 Climate Change: Topics & Issues to Cover in Your Paper

The climate on Earth has changed seven times over the last 650,000 years (with the glacial retreat and advance). The ice age finished approximately 11,700 years ago, and human civilization emerged. All the changes slightly shifted the Earth’s orbit. As a result, the planet receives a different amount of solar energy. Thus, the term “climate change” means long-term shifts in weather patterns and air temperatures on the Earth.

9 Facts that Show Climate Change Is Real

  1. The global temperature is rising.
  2. The ice sheets are shrinking and can disappear.
  3. The ocean gets warmer.
  4. The glaciers are retreating everywhere on the planet.
  5. The snow cover is decreasing and melts earlier each spring.
  6. The thickness of Arctic Sea ice is rapidly decreasing.
  7. The sea level rose 8 inches over the last century.
  8. The events of record high temperatures are becoming more frequent.
  9. The acidity of surface waters in the oceans has grown by 30% since the Industrial Revolution.

Causes of Climate Change

  • The burning of fossil fuels increases the greenhouse gas concentration in the atmosphere. We use oil, gas, and coal to generate electricity, power our industry, and run the transport.
  • Deforestation decreases the number of living trees which could have absorbed and stored carbon dioxide.
  • Intensive agriculture emits a large volume of methane and nitrous oxide (greenhouse gases).

Long-Term Consequences of Climate Change

  • The temperature will keep on rising.
  • The precipitation patterns will change worldwide.
  • The frost-free season will get longer.
  • Heatwaves and droughts will become more frequent.
  • There will be more strong hurricanes.
  • The Arctic can become ice-free.
  • The ocean level will rise to 8 feet by 2100.

What Could be Done About Climate Change?

According to the UN, we need to cut greenhouse gas emissions down to zero by 2050 to preserve a livable climate. Moreover, if we stop polluting the atmosphere, natural drivers will clean the planet without human intervention.

Humanity has invented many affordable alternatives to fossil fuels. We should switch to 100% renewable energy and abandon burning fossil fuels. Besides, it will benefit many people, communities, and businesses worldwide.

⛅ Climate Change Essay Topics

  1. Distinguishing between global warming and climate change: what are the methods of comparison.
  2. Weather and climate: What is the difference?
  3. What are the disputes of scientists about climate change. NASA challenges for climate change.
  4. What are the ways to prevent climate change.
  5. Methods for collecting and processing data on climate change.
  6. Collection and analysis of global temperature data.
  7. What are the ways to clean up global temperature data.
  8. Fixation and fluctuation of temperature data.
  9. What are the methods for storing temperature data and the question of their permanence.
  10. How does the planet work as a system reacting to carbon dioxide?
  11. What are the new NASA technologies in the context of global climate change.
  12. Greenhouse effect: What is the history of the concept.
  13. Warming of the Earth in a historical perspective.
  14. What are life signs of the Earth in relation to great temperature records.
  15. Earth’s water system: Does the ocean continue to warm.
  16. How does ice age fit in the context of warming.
  17. Sea ice distribution: What is its trajectory.
  18. Predictions for the future: Is freezing of all ice and rotation of the Earth connected.
  19. What are the links between the Sun and global warming.
  20. Ozone holes and how are they connected the problem of climate change.

Questions on Climate Change Evidence

  1. Why human activity is irrefutably contributing to the unprecedented warming of the Earth.
  2. What natural sources show signs of climate change?
  3. What global changes exist for the statement about the warming of the planet.
  4. The changes that the Earth has undergone over 800,000 years and their dynamics: How are the cycles of climate change and variations of the Earth’s orbit related?
  5. How do orbital variations affect solar power generation?
  6. How did the industrial revolution directly affect global warming?
  7. By what principle is solar energy captured and not passed out of the atmosphere.
  8. What modern technologies have made it possible for scientists to understand the picture of the warming situation?
  9. What data and types of information could give scientists an idea that the climate is changing.
  10. In which countries are glaciers melting at the moment and what does this say about climate change.
  11. Compare the ancient paleoclimate with the current one in the context of emissions generation.
  12. What evidence exists for the seriousness of the climate change problem?
  13. How did the industrial revolution affect the increase in acidity in the world’s oceans.
  14. How is the accumulation of energy by the Earth and the impact of global warming on it?
  15. What are the prospects for snow cover and Arctic ice in the Northern Hemisphere.
  16. How often have catastrophes associated with temperature jumps occurred in recent years.
  17. To what extent the ocean absorbs carbon emissions.
  18. To what extent have humans influenced the thermal structures of the atmosphere.
  19. What methods are optimal for determining the effect of greenhouse gases.
  20. How nature itself affects climate change.
  21. What predictions do scientists make regarding the development of climate change?
  22. What are the predictions of 19th century scientists regarding climate change on Earth?
  23. How does a changing climate affect the cryosphere?
  24. Is it safe say that climate change is raising sea levels and how?
  25. Do all scientists agree that there is a climate crisis or are there debatable opinions?

Questions on Climate Change Causes

  1. How do human emissions affect heat evaporation.
  2. What are the differences between the role of the Sun and greenhouse gases.
  3. How greenhouse gases warm the planet.
  4. Why is the amount of greenhouse gases increasing?
  5. How is carbon dioxide produced and what is its importance.
  6. The history of the concept of greenhouse gases in the science development context.
  7. What is the principle of capture by the atmosphere of heat and absorption of energy.
  8. What is the further path of energy after absorption and its role in the ecosystem.
  9. Causes of methane: natural and man-made situations.
  10. Relationship of increased production of nitrous oxide with commercial production.
  11. Unnatural greenhouse gases and production of chlorofluorocarbons.
  12. The connection between the greenhouse effect and life on Earth.
  13. Influence of water vapor on greenhouse gases and the greenhouse effect.
  14. Principles of studying greenhouse gases in a historical perspective: The situation before the industrial revolution.
  15. Solar irradiation as one of the attempts to explain global warming.
  16. The human footprint and the impact of emissions on the ocean sphere.
  17. How does the solar 11-year cycle affect the Earth’s energy intake.
  18. How long ago did scientific attempts to explain human influence on climate begin.
  19. What is an isotopic fingerprint and how does it explain human influence on the atmosphere.
  20. Where exactly and how does water vapor appear.
  21. What is the transfer of light energy and what are principles of its distribution?
  22. How resource burning affects carbon dioxide production.
  23. What is Little Land Period and its dependence on the activity of the sun.
  24. What functions are included in the solar cycle and how do they affect the energy reception of the Earth?

Questions on Climate Change Effects

  1. Why might climate change worsen with the years?
  2. What are the main effects of climate change on the environment?
  3. What is the main reason for the increase in global temperatures?
  4. What effect does climate change have on water resources?
  5. How does human activity affect the environment?
  6. What effect does climate change have on plants?
  7. What is the impact of climate change on net damage costs?
  8. What effect does climate change have on animals?
  9. How is the rate of climate change transformed over time?
  10. What do researchers say about the effects of climate change?
  11. What impact do human emissions of heat-trapping gases have?
  12. How does the increase in global temperatures affect the environment?
  13. What are the differences between climate change and global warming?
  14. What is the greatest danger to the Earth, according to NASA?
  15. What determines the effect of climate change caused by human activity?
  16. Which organizations assess the effect of climate change?
  17. How climate change affects droughts and heat waves?
  18. That is the correlation between climate change and wildfire seasons?
  19. How are precipitation patterns affected by climate change?
  20. How climate change affects growing seasons?
  21. What is the impact of climate change on the Arctic Ocean?
  22. How does climate change affect the Northeast?
  23. What is the influence of climate change on the Northwest?
  24. What transformations climate change causes in the Southwest?
  25. How does climate change affect the Midwest?

Questions on Climate Change Solutions

  1. What is the importance of studying climate change solutions?
  2. What solutions for climate change can be provided by organizations?
  3. What role does sustainability play in climate change?
  4. What is the effect of environmental products?
  5. Which sustainability objectives does NASA highlight?
  6. How will the elimination of waste and pollution affect the planet?
  7. What is the effect of sustainable technologies?
  8. What assessment measures are necessary to fight climate change?
  9. How can employee awareness affect climate change?
  10. What is the role of government agents in climate change?
  11. What effect energy efficiency has on climate change?
  12. What impact the renewable energy has on the environment?
  13. How greenhouse gas emissions can be limited?
  14. Are there solutions to protect water resources?
  15. What are the ways to protect plants?
  16. How can animals be protected from climate change?
  17. What is the effectiveness of sustainable buildings?
  18. What is the value of power management options?
  19. What is the value of agency data centers?
  20. What are mitigation measures to fight climate change?
  21. Which adaptation can bring more success?
  22. Why is it important to spread awareness about the solutions?
  23. Why is it important to maintain sustainability at work and personal life?
  24. What contribution does global cooperation have to climate change?
  25. What does maintaining sustainability require from organizations?
  26. What are the sources of possible solutions?

☀️ Climate Change Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Is climate change a threat to the planet?
  2. Does climate change disrupt earth’s weather patterns?
  3. Human actions are the main reason for climate change?
  4. Does climate change affect livelihood?
  5. Is current climate change more disruptive than ever?
  6. Is human activity the primarily cause of climate change?
  7. Does the emission of greenhouse gases have a negative effect?
  8. Do human actions increase the emission of greenhouse?
  9. Does climate change cause global warming?
  10. Do human actions matte for the environment?
  11. Is there a correlation between climate change and heat waves?
  12. Does sustainability eliminate the emission of greenhouse gases?
  13. Can people lower the global temperature?
  14. Technology has a crucial role in climate change?
  15. Does climate change negatively affect plants?
  16. Is there a negative impact of climate change on animals?
  17. Is agricultural sector responsible for climate change?
  18. What are the consequences of warming in the arctic?
  19. Does climate change influence the arctic ocean?
  20. Is there a correlation between climate change and human migration?
  21. Does climate change affect food and water scarcity?
  22. Is climate change a greatest thread to global health?
  23. Is sea level rise caused by climate change?
  24. Does climate change cause volcanic activities?
  25. Can acid oceans be the result of climate change?
  26. Are tipping point important for climate systems?
  27. Is the Paris agreement helpful in fighting climate change?
  28. Are climate change organizations effective?
  29. The benefits of renewable sources of energy.
  30. Are there advantages of electricity over fossil fuels in cars?
  31. Does removing carbon help the atmosphere?
  32. Is adapting to climate change possible?
  33. Is coast line protection effective in fight climate change?
  34. Does aerosols and greenhouse gases cause warming?
  35. Do aerosols play the role of a solution for climate change?
  36. Are there changes in land surface from climate change?
  37. Does land changes cause global warming?
  38. Does land use changes affect temperatures?
  39. Can volcanic activities be prevented?
  40. Is climate change inevitable?
  41. Does climate change have an effect on human life?
  42. Are the future emissions a threat?
  43. The role of social factors in climate change.
  44. Does climate change have far-reaching effects?
  45. Is deforestation harmful to the environment?
  46. Does ecological collapse pose a threat to the environment?
  47. Is climate change feedback vital?
  48. Does climate change cause infectious diseases?
  49. Is food and water reduction caused by climate change?

❄️ Climate Change Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Climate change as a threat to human well-being.
  2. Global climate change as a challenge to the world economy.
  3. Recycling reduces the greenhouse effect.
  4. Nuclear power is a worthy alternative source of energy.
  5. Climate change is not a natural process.
  6. The negative impact of industrial enterprises on climate change.
  7. Why is deforestation important to climate change?
  8. Ecological education of the population as the basis for combating climate change.
  9. Human activities have made a negative contribution to climate change.
  10. Actualization of the problem of food security against the backdrop of climate change.
  11. Global warming as a factor in increasing the frequency and intensity of typhoons and hurricanes.
  12. How do current trends indicate a worsening impact of climate change?
  13. Climate change is an inevitable trend of the 21st century.
  14. The ineffectiveness of laws and regulations in protecting the environment.
  15. What are the benefits of solar energy in terms of its impact on climate change?
  16. Electricity generation as a key driver of climate change.
  17. Man as a key subject in the fight against climate change.
  18. The impossibility of abandoning plastic in modern conditions of life.
  19. Climate change is one of the most troubling problems facing humanity today.
  20. Veganism is a reliable tool in the fight against climate change.
  21. How has population growth led to climate change?
  22. Changing food systems as a necessary factor in combating climate change.
  23. Transforming food systems as an appropriate solution to climate change.
  24. How can people reduce the risks of climate change?
  25. Sustainable fashion as a tool to combat climate change.
  26. Climate change as a factor in the emergence of conflicts.
  27. Why is climate change a global problem?
  28. The need to transform the energy industry to address climate change.
  29. Climate change is worsening food security.
  30. Increasing poverty as a consequence of climate change.

🔎 Climate Change Research Topics

  1. The state of the global climate in 2021.
  2. Natural causes of climate change.
  3. Impact of climate change on agricultural production.
  4. Relationship between the greenhouse effect and climate change.
  5. Impact of climate change on the financial sector.
  6. Socio-economic consequences of climate change.
  7. Activities of international environmental organizations on climate change issues.
  8. US climate policy and solving the problems of global climate change.
  9. Comparison of the main directions of greening the US and EU economies.
  10. Impact of climate change on human health.
  11. Key measures for climate change adaptation.
  12. Impact of climate change on the overall sustainable development agenda.
  13. Correlation between the development of technology and the increase in global warming.
  14. Influence of technogenic accidents and catastrophes on climate change.
  15. Problems of transboundary environmental pollution.
  16. Impact of human activities on climate change.
  17. Measures to prevent the dangerous consequences of climate change in the United States.
  18. The impact of agriculture on climate change.
  19. Current challenges to the global economy due to climate change.
  20. Non-anthropogenic factors and their impact on climate change.
  21. Manifestations of climate change.
  22. Impact of climate change on ecosystems.
  23. The current system of climate regulation and its shortcomings.
  24. The relationship between climate change and conflict in some areas of the world.
  25. Ways to solve the problem of climate change.
  26. Impact of climate change on the marine ecosystem.
  27. Opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change.
  28. The role of technology in solving climate change problems.
  29. Impact of the energy industry on climate change.
  30. Interdependence of climate change and food security.

🎞️ Climate Change Topics for Presentation

  1. The Industrial Revolution as the culprit of climate change.
  2. Should the Industrial Revolution be blamed for climate change?
  3. Global warming: Myth or reality?
  4. The impact of climate change on the Earth.
  5. The most common adverse effects of climate change.
  6. Gases in the atmosphere and the greenhouse effect: The connection.
  7. Global warming as the point of no return.
  8. Is global warming an inevitable process?
  9. The connection of human activity with global warming.
  10. The United States feels climate change more strongly.
  11. Climate change is an urgent topic of our time.
  12. Climate change is an inextinguishable source of research interest.
  13. Energy, industry, and agriculture: impact on climate change.
  14. Animals are most vulnerable to climate change.
  15. Global warming: Humanity still has a chance.
  16. What natural disasters are caused by climate change?
  17. Is global warming a nature’s whim or humankind’s fault?
  18. Carbon dioxide and other gases affecting climate change.
  19. Does global warming concern everyone?
  20. Global warming and actions to mitigate this problem.
  21. How has global warming overshadowed other environmental issues?
  22. Climate change as a widespread cause of many diseases.
  23. Restoring nature as a solution to climate change.
  24. Current impacts of climate change at the macro level.
  25. Climate change: What awaits humanity in 2030?
  26. The most well-known effects of climate change.
  27. Global warming: Bright events of the 21st century.
  28. Climate change and what can we do now?
  29. The hottest years in the history of humanity.
  30. Climate change: Causes and consequences for the United States.

🗣️ Climate Change Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Saving endangered animals is the task of everyone.
  2. “Feed your bacteria:” The benefits of microbes for humans.
  3. Environmental pollution is the most important modern problem.
  4. Woke up in the morning — clean up your planet!
  5. Will cleanliness save the world?
  6. The world is man’s only home.
  7. Humanity must learn to live in harmony with nature.
  8. Ignorance of nature is the greatest ingratitude.
  9. One tree is not a forest yet.
  10. Nature and man and how they threaten each other.
  11. Useful? Harmful? No, it’s alive!
  12. Nature alone makes great things a gift.
  13. Self-love begins with the love of nature.
  14. Palm oil: A “killer” or a normal product?
  15. Take care of the Earth, there is no other.
  16. Echo is nature’s unchanging answer to human questions.
  17. Think globally and act locally.
  18. Rainforest — the lungs of the planet.
  19. The more firewood, the further the forest.
  20. Be careful, the environment surrounds us!
  21. Environmental protection is a multifaceted and complex process.
  22. Weather forecast: Global warming is expected.
  23. Forced recycling is a guarantee of cleanliness and order.
  24. Reliable and durable goods will save the world.
  25. Climate change: A natural process or humanity’s mistake?
  26. Man is not an opponent of the environment.
  27. Environmental protection is a common cause for all citizens.
  28. “Green IT:” Environmental innovations on PC or Mac.
  29. Disposable diapers – saviors or pests?

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