361 Transportation Essay Topics: Public Transport, Safety, Sustainability

361 Transportation Essay Topics: Public Transport, Safety, Sustainability

On deathbed, most people regret having traveled too little. But this article is not about grim thoughts. It is about the joy of crossing countries and continents.

We will suggest 361 topics about transportation for creative writing or in-class discussion. In addition, you will learn which questions can be raised in an essay on the importance of transportation. Keep reading if you want to know what to discuss in various types of transportation essays.

πŸ“Œ Top 15 Transportation Essay Topics

  1. What will be the next era in the history of transportation?
  2. Why is globalization the main engine of transport development?
  3. How would you change large cities’ infrastructure to reduce CO2 emissions?
  4. What is the most romantic transport to travel?
  5. Why cannot public transport be free?
  6. Electric or hybrid: Which cars will dominate the market?
  7. Private transport is the worst solution for urban mobility.
  8. Clean mobility Vs. Dirty transport: How to create a sustainable city?
  9. Electric trucks are the new generation of ecological solutions.
  10. Water transport is the most ancient and most contemporary technology.
  11. Better driver education or heavier punishment: Which is more efficient?
  12. Why do people enjoy traveling now more than ever before?
  13. Gender inequality in driving special transport persists.
  14. Do self-driving vehicles threaten public safety?
  15. Should military vehicles be safe for their operators or dangerous for the enemy?

πŸš” Transportation Research Paper

History is the best way to study all the changes in transport in time and space.

The pastThe presentThe future
It all started with a raft that later transformed into a boat. Scientists have found evidence of the first sea voyages dating back 900,000 years. Only in 4000 BCE did humans domesticate horses, and 500 years later, the first wheeled vehicles appeared.Steam engines and locomotives marked the new era of transportation. Nowadays, submarines, airplanes, and helicopters are commonplace. But imagine how miraculous they would look for a medieval person? Spacecrafts have modified our vision of the outside world and our role in it.We expect that in the nearest future, everyone will have flying cars. Drones will deliver packages (they already do, but not as often as possible). Space trips will become more frequent and affordable.

Transport allowed different territories to develop. Spain is good at producing veal and olives. Why should it spend resources cultivating bananas, which grow better in African countries? It can export veal and olives and earn money to buy African bananas.

But the main issue for all the students remains: what should I include in my research? The following explanation of the types of transportation essay answers this question.

  • Argumentative essay about transportation:
    • explain why the infrastructure of your city is good for tourism;
    • prove that road planning lowers greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Compare & contrast essay about transportation:
    • explain why one transport is better than the other;
    • compare the performance characteristics of two similar vehicles;
    • compare transportation practices in the past and present.
  • Cause & effect essay about transportation:
    • explore the problem of speed in public airlines;
    • analyze the issues in human life caused by transport.
  • Narrative essay about transportation:
    • fantasize about the future of the industry;
    • describe the features and abilities of a contemporary vehicle;
    • express nostalgic thoughts for a historical kind of transport.

🚒 Transportation Essay Topics about History

  1. The Stages of the Evolution of Transportation.
  2. When did people first cross the sea?
  3. Who were the inventors of the earliest known boats?
  4. What are the artifacts of the earliest boats?
  5. The earliest use of the Pesse canoe.
  6. Rafting as a Sport: A Quick History.
  7. A Brief History of Horses as a Means of Transportation.
  8. What made people decide to train horses to carry people and goods?
  9. When did the first horse domestication take place?
  10. How have horses evolved since it was used for transportation?
  11. The time when the wheel was first created.
  12. Which civilization invented the wheel?
  13. The importance of the “Bronocice pot” in transportation history.
  14. The role of the Watt steam engine in the development of transportation.
  15. What is the world’s first steamship?
  16. Why was there insufficient interest in “Pyroscaphe’s” future development?
  17. How did Robert Fulton contribute to the development of steamships?
  18. The Clermont: a trip from New York City to Albany.
  19. How was the first automobile invented?
  20. To what extent was the first automobile practical?
  21. Toyota Motors and Google Companies’ Management Dynamics.
  22. What is the world’s first motorcycle?
  23. The way of creating a Roper Steam Velocipede.
  24. Why did the locomotive go mainstream?
  25. How did the “Puffing Devil” change the economic activity of people?
  26. Airlines after the Deregulation Act of 1978.
  27. The path of evolution of locomotives.
  28. How did locomotives turn into a form of mass transport?
  29. The historical and economic importance of “BlΓΌcher.”
  30. The brief history of the first public inter-city railway line.
  31. Who was the Father of Railways?
  32. How did the first navigable submarine work?
  33. When was a military submarine first used in combat?
  34. The role of Orville and Wilbur Wright in the history of transportation.
  35. How did the world’s first airplane emerge?
  36. The types of transportation used in World War I.
  37. The first time people could travel abroad by plane.
  38. Similarities and differences between rotorcraft and helicopters.
  39. My knowledge of space vehicles.
  40. “Space race” between the USSR and the USA.
  41. How was the Apollo spacecraft invented?
  42. The first person to ever set foot on the moon.
  43. Cases of vehicle abuse in history.
  44. How has the development of transportation changed socio-economic life around the world?
  45. To what extent is transportation responsible for a less active lifestyle?
  46. How has the transportation industry created the workspace?
  47. How did people use transport for recreation?
  48. The role of transport development in the rise of globalization.
  49. My assessment of the negative impact of cars on the planet.
  50. What is the critical role of transportation in the global economy?
  51. How has the development of transport exacerbated social inequality?
  52. How has the efficiency of public transport improved throughout history?

πŸš† Types of Transportation Essay Topics

Animal-Powered Transport Essay Topics

  1. How justified is the use of animals as vehicles?
  2. What animals are the best means of transport?
  3. A brief history of the use of animals as a means of transportation.
  4. How effective is animal-powered transport?
  5. The ancient uses of animal-powered transport.
  6. How has animal-powered transport changed throughout history?
  7. How common is animal-powered transport today?
  8. For what purposes is animal-powered transport used nowadays?
  9. Common trends in the use of animal-powered transport.
  10. Pros and cons of animal-powered transport.
  11. The role of animal-powered transport in the world economic activity.
  12. Animal-powered transport in Urban vs. Rural areas.
  13. Animal-powered transport in recreational activities.
  14. The role of animal-powered transport in sports.
  15. To what extent can animal-powered transport replace steam transport?
  16. The role of animal-powered transport systems in different cultures.
  17. Should animal-powered transport be popularized?
  18. My experience with animal-powered transport.
  19. How safe is animal-powered transport?
  20. Animal-powered transport and ecology.

Human-Powered Transport Essay Topics

  1. Types of non-vehicular human transport.
  2. Origins and current state of a walking bus.
  3. Walking bus in the context of public health.
  4. Running and sprinting as sports disciplines.
  5. Tesla Inc.’s Prospective Analysis for Investors.
  6. Historical development of and the Golden Age of Alpinism.
  7. The economic value of human-powered transport.
  8. Human-powered land vehicle classification.
  9. Social and historical aspects behind bicycle popularity.
  10. Examination of the Electric Vehicle Charging Station Market in the U.S.
  11. Technical aspects of different bicycle types.
  12. Causes of differences in regional velomobiles popularity.
  13. First attempts at human-powered flights.
  14. The Royal Aeronautical Society and Kremer Prizes.
  15. Projects involving human-powered rotorcraft and helicopters.
  16. The cultural impact of balloon transportation.
  17. Airship comparison to heavier-than-air aircraft.
  18. Human-powered watercraft in warfare.
  19. Areas of application of rearward-facing and forward-facing rowing systems.
  20. Historical development of rowboat design factors.
  21. Pedaled craft in terms of recreation.
  22. Guinness book of records achievements for human-powered transport.

Rail Transport Essay Topics

  1. Ancient rail systems and transition to wooden and metal rails.
  2. Pre-steam rail systems are used in modern times.
  3. Principle of a steam-powered locomotive.
  4. Cultural significance of steam-powered rail transport.
  5. The conflict between A.C. and D.C. electric-powered locomotives.
  6. Dieselization in the context of rail transportation.
  7. High-speed rail transportation principle and potential.
  8. Comparison of high-speed rail to other modes of transport.
  9. Modern train classification and areas of use.
  10. Legal and economic considerations regarding adverse abandonment and right-of-way.
  11. The technology of train and rails inspection system.
  12. Social and economic consequences of European rail transport development.
  13. The rationale behind rail transport in terms of warfare.
  14. The human cost of railway construction.
  15. Pros and cons of railway electrification.
  16. Possible causes and consequences of derailment.
  17. Comparison of rail transport types in terms of safety.
  18. Principle and features of railway signaling.
  19. Historical origins of underground rail transport.
  20. The role of rail transport in the Great West Settlement.
  21. Tourism market and high-speed rail transportation.
  22. Reasons behind Japanese advancement in rail transport.
  23. Problems during the Trans-Siberian Railway construction.
  24. Railway construction during Great Depression.
  25. Failed APT Project of the United Kingdom.
  26. Monorail tracks’ popularity in different countries.
  27. Potential of magnetic suspension train transportation.
  28. Significance of the Great Carajas Project.
  29. Advantages of today’s metro technology.
  30. Relationship between railway density and regional economic development.

Road Transport Essay Topics

  1. Wheeled transport during the B.C. era.
  2. Comparison of Appian and Silk roads.
  3. Use of elephants as animal-powered road transport.
  4. Origins of two- and three-wheeled motor vehicles.
  5. The role of highways in the U.S. development.
  6. Social impact of automobile invention.
  7. Construction and design of road systems.
  8. Reasons behind the increased danger of road transport.
  9. Car pollution in towns and cities.
  10. Advantages and disadvantages of hybrid cars.
  11. Regional peculiarities of traffic codes.
  12. Evolution of car design features.
  13. A.I. autopilots – current state and future predictions.
  14. Comparison of existing renewable fuels.
  15. Car industry problems in developed countries.
  16. Technologies for car pollution reduction.
  17. Role of road transport in warfare.
  18. Fuel consumption is based on car origin.
  19. Importance of personal car driving.
  20. Features of the modern automobile industry.
  21. The issue of insufficient parking space.
  22. Car and bicycle transportation comparison in Amsterdam.
  23. Social and cultural significance of automobile sport.
  24. Role of cars in post-World War II America.
  25. Choice of recyclable materials in the car industry.
  26. Significance of trucking in world cargo transportation.
  27. Cars in modern culture and mass media.
  28. Economic advantages and disadvantages of rent-a-car service.
  29. Origins of vehicle registration plates.
  30. Traffic code peculiarities based on the vehicle type.

Maritime Transport Essay Topics

  1. Roman and Carthage naval comparison.
  2. Main features of naval navigation.
  3. Trade logistics in international waters.
  4. Significance of maritime transport for tourism.
  5. The shipping industry in terms of profitability.
  6. Environmental impact of maritime transport.
  7. Significance of water transport during the colonial era.
  8. Origins and current state of piracy.
  9. Maritime Transportation Security Act description.
  10. Impact of containerization on global transportation.
  11. Titanic tragedy causes and cultural impact.
  12. Role of the fleet during World War II.
  13. Origins and current state of water legislation.
  14. Environmental impact of the fishing industry.
  15. Port management and maritime industry.
  16. Causes and consequences of STCW.
  17. Coastal guard maritime law enforcement.
  18. Maritime transport modifications in terms of marine archaeology.
  19. Significance of submarines in warfare and civil engineering.
  20. Comparison of maritime transportation to the road and air modes.
  21. How does globalization influence modern sea power?
  22. Convention of the law of the sea.
  23. Impact of gunpowder invention on naval warfare.
  24. UNCLOS introduction and main features.
  25. Naval warfare during the Peloponnesian War.
  26. Zones of influence in the Arctic region.
  27. Christopher Columbus’s journey and discoveries.
  28. Comparison of colonial empires’ sea power in the 19th century.
  29. Origins and influence of ONI.
  30. Classification of modern naval transport.

Air Essay Topics

  1. Air force production and maintenance.
  2. Environmental impact of the modern aviation industry.
  3. Significance of aviation during World War II.
  4. Civil aviation hijacking and terrorism.
  5. Peculiarities of safety culture in aviation.
  6. Advantages and disadvantages of automation in aviation.
  7. Impact of human errors in aviation accidents.
  8. Features of emergency response planning in aviation transportation.
  9. Information security issues in aviation.
  10. The societal and cultural influence of aviation.
  11. History of the aviation industry in the U.S.
  12. Consequences of BREXIT on the U.K. and Europe’s aviation.
  13. Aerodynamic qualities of materials used in aviation.
  14. Psychological disorders connected to aviation transport.
  15. Aviation law field and essential international documents.
  16. Aviation industry and crew resource management.
  17. Comparison of public and private aviation.
  18. Fundamental ethical principles in aviation.
  19. Modern technological advances in the aviation industry.
  20. Historical development of international aviation alliances.
  21. History and role of federal aviation administration.
  22. Contemporary issues of the aviation industry.
  23. Passenger profiling in aviation security.
  24. An aviation arms race between the U.S. and China.
  25. Safety management systems designed for aviation service.
  26. Economic consequences following aviation accidents.
  27. Cultural peculiarities of aviation organizational safety.
  28. Development of aviation between the two World Wars.
  29. Principle of modern aviation traffic controllers.

✈ Public Transportation Essay Titles

  1. Automobiles and animal-powered transport in the 20th century.
  2. Environmental impact of public transport.
  3. Comparison of public and private transport in terms of safety.
  4. Relationship of public transport and tourism.
  5. The Two Main Agencies in Civil Aviation.
  6. Importance of efficient public transport infrastructure.
  7. The economic contribution of public transport.
  8. Sanitary issues of public transport.
  9. Advantages and disadvantages of privatizing public transport.
  10. Political influence on public transportation.
  11. Regional differences in the most prevalent public transport type.
  12. Public transport’s accessibility for disabled people.
  13. Technological solutions in terms of passenger ticket validation.
  14. Current state and potential of intelligent transportation systems.
  15. Public transport’s contribution to traffic congestion.
  16. Accessibility of public transport in rural areas.
  17. Racial segregation in public transport in the U.S.
  18. The issue of public transport security.
  19. Public transport in culture and social media.
  20. The issue of homeless people using public transport.
  21. The economic impact of COVID-19 on public transport.
  22. Ferries as the earliest type of public transport.
  23. Omnibus origins and geographical spread.
  24. Comparison of trams and trolleybuses in terms of efficiency.
  25. The essential elements of a successful public transport system.
  26. Comparison of public transport systems quality in Europe, North America, and Asia.
  27. Evolution of taxi transportation in the U.S.
  28. The competitive advantage of modern maritime public transport.
  29. Advantages and disadvantages of underground public transport.
  30. Historical reasons behind human-powered public transportation in Asia.
  31. Peculiarities of regional tram traffic rules.

Importance of Transportation Essay Topics

  1. Transport systems in international trade.
  2. The importance of transportation for business.
  3. Do the purposes of transport differ?
  4. Transportation contribution to economics.
  5. The role of transportation in globalization.
  6. The use of transport for recreational purposes.
  7. Transportation as the most significant energy drainer.
  8. Impact of transportation on commerce?
  9. What is the purpose of transport planning?
  10. Transportation and the increased CO2 emissions.
  11. Transportation to minimize environmental impact.
  12. Importance of recreational transport for tourism.
  13. Transportation in sustainable development.
  14. The role of leisure transportation.
  15. The importance of transportation in manufacturing.
  16. The historical impact of transportation evolution.
  17. Traffic congestion as an economic issue.
  18. What are the modes of transportation?
  19. Why do governments subsidize transportation?
  20. Mechanical transportation pros and cons.
  21. The modern problems of transportation.
  22. The cost of the effective transportation system.
  23. Animals as a type of transportation.
  24. Vehicles as a popular type of transportation.
  25. Do enterprises operate transportation?
  26. Role of public transport for tourism.
  27. What is the difference between urban and rural transportation?
  28. Relation of road capacities to safety.
  29. Congestion pricing as a problem in urban areas.
  30. The impact of transportation on tourism.

♻️ Sustainable Transportation Essay Topics

  1. The evaluation of transport sustainability.
  2. How does transportation affect ecology?
  3. The use of sustainable transport.
  4. Transport system and energy consumption.
  5. The road-rail parallel layout.
  6. Does transport cause the greenhouse effect?
  7. Transportation as the primary pollution tool.
  8. The environmental expenses of the transportation.
  9. The environmental costs of vehicles.
  10. Can transportation initiate deaths by air pollution?
  11. The health consequences of air pollution.
  12. The transportation and climate change relation.
  13. The reduction of carbon emissions in transportation.
  14. The pros and cons of using low carbon transport.
  15. Discharges of sewage’s role in pollution.
  16. May transportation affect agriculture?
  17. Is public transport the primary pollution source?
  18. How does inequality influence transportation?
  19. The advantages of using green transport.
  20. Ways to achieve green shipping.
  21. What are the alternatives to fuel vehicles?
  22. Effect of transportation on city structure?
  23. The land-use planning approbation.
  24. Environmental effects of private transportation.
  25. Legislative regulation of negative consequences.
  26. Oil price impact on transportation.
  27. The impact of transportation in rural areas.
  28. How can carsharing decrease air pollution?
  29. Can carsharing achieve better sustainability?

πŸ€– The Future of Transportation Essay Topics

  1. Comparing past and future transportation.
  2. The influence of technological advancement.
  3. Why does the modern system need improvement?
  4. What are transportation innovation directions?
  5. The advantages of aerial transportation.
  6. The drawbacks of aerial vehicles.
  7. The negative consequences of self-driving taxis.
  8. Costs of transportation for space tourism.
  9. What may encourage car use to decline?
  10. Have smartphones transformed transportation?
  11. Rockets as a transport for tourism.
  12. The dangers of autonomous vehicles.
  13. The moral problem behind autonomous cars.
  14. The smart sources of energy types.
  15. Advantages of electricity as a power.
  16. Can transport address the congestion?
  17. The cons of using electrical energy.
  18. The consequences of air as transportation.
  19. Aerial vehicles and land-use planning.
  20. The future sources of power.
  21. Can autonomous vehicles increase unemployment?
  22. The future of transportation in e-commerce.
  23. Autonomous transportation and obesity connection.
  24. The cost of electrical transportation.
  25. A potential transport for space tourism.
  26. How feasible is it to power a car electrically?
  27. Can carsharing solve traffic congestion?
  28. Increasing population and future transportation.
  29. Environmental impact of the future transport system.
  30. How can the future of transportation be improved?

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